[Feedback Thread] Fixing Statue Damage Reflection

Hello all,

Version 5.2.0 will be arriving within this month. We would very much like to ask for your feedback when it comes to fixing the issue with Hero Statue Damage Reflection.

We will be performing a lot of playtesting in and around the fix, but we would like your help. Unfortunately, we do not have a beta system in which we can let you guys test out the new defenses, but this can be simulated simply by removing the Damage Reflection perk from your Hero Statue.

As part of the fix, we intend to buff other defensive structures, such as Towers, Units and Barricades. It would be very helpful for us if you could give us your opinion about how much of a buff they will need to make up for this. Please note that this will only be additional feedback, and we will be making our own decisions based on our tests in combination with your feedback.

We are specifically asking about HP and Damage.

It is already helpful to give a general number, such as “increase HP by 5% and damage by 10%”, but if you have more detailed ideas, please go ahead and post them, everything is useful.

Please remember that when a tower has more HP this also means that it will deal more damage because it can shoot more often. So for example adding +20% HP and +20% damage would make it +44% stronger (1.2 * 1.2 = 1.44).

It is also totally valid to say no change is needed, if that is what you believe!

So we are asking for the following information:

  • Your in-game name.
  • Your Ascension Level.
  • Your suggestions for improvements to HP and Damage output to counter the loss of Damage Reflection.
  • Any further comments you may have, including alternative proposals.
  • Which levels you think this change should apply to.

Texas Dumpster Level 146

According to your testing, how big a change does this make to GKs? Are they going down in seconds now? It’s tough to guess how much of a counter buff will be needed without trying it first.

Now that (I’m assuming) Area Damage won’t be a desired perk on GKs, it might make sense to give MAJOR buffs to Health and Damage perks. They’re super low right now. And ease (eliminate?) the caps on refined items for those perks.


The change does not affect damage taken by the GK, only damage output. So the speed in which they are killed will only be affected by the fact that Units will not go down so quickly and therefore deal more damage to the statue.

Regarding your addition about Perks, alternative proposals such as this will also be discussed, as long as they are made in time for us to include them (preferably this week). It’s just important to remember that changes to Perks, outside changing GK caps, will also affect Heroes.

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they’re going to need a lot more health then, maybe? A 10m hp gk sounds about right to stand up to a big army.

That’s not a bad thing. Health and Damage are two of the least desirable perks currently. Both are bad options compared to AS and LOH, which kinda get you to the same place more efficiently.

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An absolutely valid point, and very welcome. We will discuss all potential ideas and suggestions you guys post in this thread.

The obvious other point to this, though the two changes are not necessarily mutually exclusive, is that if fewer units make it through the main defense due to buffed Towers, the Hero Statue will have less to fight against anyway.


Good morning, all I think the GK is too strong, I often go to the gate without a military , on these gold, even invocations do not work for diamonds, it can also freeze and destroy all armies, so in my opinion it is too strengthened, hardly anyone the game can destroy such GK and those players who play shorter time in OR are not able to destroy such for diamonds

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IGN Eeestil
Ascension level 147
I do raids a lot, and few gk are tough nut to crack.
I think defenses should be buffed out by 50%.
Like 30% increase in health and 20% increase in damage.
This is should apply to all levels and please do something about regeneration perk too.
P.S. really excited about this change though. Now heroes with Troops can kill gk ,finally.


One other thought on perks: area damage as a perk is fairly underpowered on heroes, and currently most useful on GKs. When the bug is fixed, could AD be changed to % based perk? If your Prom is doing 30k+ with each attack, but his unique sword gives a flat 2500 damage, it’s not really worth using. If the sword gave 40% AD we might be onto something.


Why not 75% or 90%? That will make area damage perk a sought out perk like frostbite or demolition :grin::grin::grin:

I don’t like regeneration and area damage perk right now☹️

I hope they delete regeneration perk from the game.

If it was %based you could stack it and it would scale with damage. It’s just pretty garbage right now.

Prebster level 146.
Regen is useless at least at higher levels.
If the only change is damage output from the GK I don’t think it’s needed at all, very few GK are really hard to kill and only one of my 3 war heroes rely on troops to kill the GK.
I’d like an increase on the range of Nyx, Apollo and Charon towers.
Increase the damage on the Artemis and Poseidon towers by at least 50%.
I would like it if the Helios didn’t have to touch the path, it would give new options for layouts and make it possible to use all spots in the X shape.
An option to change the odyssey enhancements would also be appreciated could cost gems if needed.


In game Neoleas
U mean after working on gear for like few month now , u are telling me I have to throw it away ??


Hell why do not u start by removing area damage bug , Instead of removing things that are working the way they should

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Those who play for a long time and have immortal heroes will want stronger defenses, but those who have just started like me, I have 142 lvl and I play OR only 8 months, I feel strong defenses, sometimes they are too strong, like hydra towers or GK gold, these the normal ones will kill with a hero or with the help of invocations, because I am rarely with the army under the gate in the war but if the defense strengthens, many like me will follow in the footsteps of other players to weaker leagues and strong alliances will have problems to complete the composition, and I am without gold because I am improving everything on a regular basis and I know playing for diamonds in the titanium league how much power you need to play and win there and it is not easy

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U should say the date of that update , like announce the moment everyone quit playing

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You should ask @Marinien he is also playing for 15 months and can compete with old veteran of the game.
I also started in late 2017 and continuously played 12 odyssey to improve my heroes and structures.
Game isn’t about gold frame it is easy but you should make good heroes with thoughtful approach.
Avoid perks like regeneration ,petrify from heroes and use demolition ,frostbite, stun,attack speed to make game easy.
Trust me game is very easy and also don’t rely upon unique items.
I remember you are complaining about not finding one. Unique items don’t make heroes overpowered except one or two.

I think that’s what he means, he’s just shorthanding it to DR bug. At least I hope that’s what he means.

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I am Alduriel, level 150, 48,700 trophies.
I apologize for the bad translation since I don’t speak 100% English …
This makes me stupid, some whiny went to complain and now they want to sink all the strong players into misery. I have played this game for more than 2 and a half years, I take it very seriously, I spend more than 5 hours a day to be able to make a name, a good set and a good statue to defend myself because this is that you take 12-15 trophies each that someone inferior to you finds you angry, and now they want to take away a defense for which many of us have spent time forging and refining to have a statue that can make this difficult for those who just started or have been playing for years but do not want to strive and remain the same Miserable because they want to. In other games everything is like that, if someone can’t beat the strongest one just doesn’t try and goes against someone of their level, this is the most unfair they have proposed, they have already lowered the reflex from 75% to 63% a long time ago, Believe me that increasing life to barricades and towers is not the solution because a hero with demolition easily destroys it even if it has 1,000,000,000+ of life and also does not take down the demolition will be the solution. This is not about everyone being equally miserable but seeing who tries harder to enjoy the results, it’s like going to a gym, they are not going to give a prize to the one who is going to ride a bicycle than to the one who lifts 100 pounds with a hand.
Think well if you want to reward the miserable … I invite all the players who have invested time and effort to make a good set on their statue to complain about this proposal, they are taking away the little fun that the game has left .


@CaptainMorgan can the Gk nerf be on a trial basis? And if we don’t like it, maybe just revert it?


I play for 8 months, not 15, it is a huge difference, in 7 months I will catch up, but if the defense gets stronger, I will cut my wings like me, I will go down,then I will go to an alliance where I will no longer need diamonds war, now buying diamonds and playing, I give advice thanks to his dedication, but if the defense strengthens I know that even diamonds won’t help me anymore, so I will go to a weak alliance and stop spending money on diamonds like others.if the defense strengthens, the weakness of the stronger alliances and strengthens the weaker, because there most players will go, they already do. Just as the level of difficulty in Odyssey is too high, many do not do it anymore, I see it from the players, you do not see it, you have to do it so that active, ambitious players are able to catch up with the strongest and compete with them otherwise the game does not make sense, as I do next year I won’t be able to catch up with the strongest, why improve?