[Feedback thread for] - Discontinuance of the MONTHLY Pro-League

[Mirroring official announcement]

Dear players,

While the weekly Pro-League will continue like before, we have decided to discontinue the monthly League. The current monthly Pro-League will be the last one running. Additionally, we are going to decrease the participation fee and improve the contents of Pro-chests. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

Your Royal Revolt 2 team

Will we still get a free ticket every 28 days? And is already clear what new ticket price will be?


I guess it’s the only way to prevent all those cheaters from getting a lot of gems? Cause banning seems to be not an option ?

If Flare can’t (or won’t) vastly improve the detection of repeated cheaters and multi account users in the PL, then discontinuing the monthly pro league is the way to go.

As it stands right now, the monthly top100 is filled with multi users (they’re always the same).

I would like to see it back one day, if/when your cheating detection improves. Until then, thumbs up from me.

What mean you are going to decrease the participation fee?


And whats going on with the already month crowns?

What will happen to the crowns of those in top and the monthly leaderboard will be removed??

Agree…this is true.There is no way this can be stopped

What happens to the monthly crown symbol? It is now a limited edition thing where we will never have the chance to ever get it? lol


Also, inb4 those who will come and complain that they have already bought tickets just before the implementation. Having a discounted price is one thing, but removing what you can potentially get from the tickets that are already bought with higher price is just going to backfire on you. Looks like Flare never learn.

Yes there is. Many different ways.


For example, Flare could’ve made pro league super super super super tough, but unlimited time to try. This will automatically make having multiple accounts redundant.


It will also give players more things to do, grinding and trying to beat the weekly pro league to get a higher score.

Finally some sense.

The free ticket remains. As for the price, I will communicate it once it is 100% set in stone.

We will communicate that at a later point.


That would be negotiating with terrorists (figuratively) and let them bully you into submission.

Doesn’t seem like the way to go honestly.

improve the contents of Pro-chests.

this mean better rewards in chests??

That’s exactly what it means :grinning:

This is a good news because we see only 2-3 players who comes first every month. But need to improve the pro chest contents because we get only Pal food and few perls from. If we continue to get pal food then it’s better to discontinue the pal chests because Pro chests have become the new Pal chest.

thats good if add guardians rewards in pro chest too

I understand about participation fee. But what are you going to do with rewards in pro chest. Before It was like if you get more than 4 chests you will get better rewards as compared to those who get only 2 chests (like me). Will the player who gets 2 chests have same rewards and items in pro chest as the one getting 10 chests? If that happens I’ll be very happy.

What does it mean by reduce fee ? Each entry will cost half ticket after new update ?