[Feedback thread for] - Force to version 4.3

Kings and Queens,

We have just performed a Live Server Update.

With this update, every user is forced to use the new version 4.3

Further changes:

-          The Halloween Pro-Set is available in the Pro-Shop now (yay).

I want to use the chance to wish everybody good luck for the Conquest starting today.

As announced we have changed the matchmaking, so we are looking forward to receiving your feedback on this. You can use this thread for it. :slight_smile:

-          On a side note: For this Conquest, a small number of alliances will be only in trios on the map.

?King regards,


If you want to discuss this news with us, please do so below.

Hm, the Vampire-set comes with a new color, but this is not selectable in the color-table.

Thanks for pointing this out. Our testers had a look. A game disconnect solves this issue.

Yes you are right. Awesome! And I like the ring too.

Yep, that ring will be added to my collection in the nearby future (as soon as I have the crystals for it, but first things first. first the double scream pauldrons)

I can tell that the new update is quite heavy for my old snapdragon S4 cpu and 8GB of RAM, i get the game forced to close after watched an ad or click between button fast a few time already now.

Hmmm can you please change the Armour and Belt for the Halloween Pro-Set?

Add new perks to turn them into unique Pro items just like the rest of the Pro-Shop

Those 2 items on Halloween set are exact the same as the ones on Chloris set, just a different visual

Really? Why? It doesn’t make any sense! 

Change the Chloris set then? I don’t mind each one you’re changing, as long as there is a change.

I just don’t see the point on the Pro-Shop having different sets with the same 2 items and having different prices!

It’s basically 2 useless items that will just increase our chances of finding repeated items on chests

Give them to the blacksmith then. ?

This has been the case even for uber items, just don’t buy them :slight_smile: