[Feedback thread for] - Investigating an issue for possible disconnects in Conquest

[mirroring official announcement]

Dear players,

We are investigating an issue that might lead to disconnects in Conquest. We will keep you in the loop and are aiming to provide a fix for this today. We apologize for the inconveniences that might have occurred.

Kind regards,

Community Management



Dear Players, We have just performed the Live Server Update and fixed the issue that could lead to these disconnects. Once again, we apologize for the inconveniences that might have occurred.

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If you have feedback for this, please leave it below.

Thank you!

Yea the same has been experienced by me and my Alli mates … hope u fix it soon" IGN:yogì

Me (G1nasis) and several of my ally members  faced this problem  since yesterday 

Это что такое?

I also experienced disconnects when trying to give instas to a teammate.

pax / Ctein 

some of my teammate could not log in and missed some important raids in conquest.

Still disconnects, seems to be not resolved. 

the past days i used to be disconected when i am using the chat, trying to explain new members how to play in conquest, i tought it could be because chat is full and  it need reset the game to let me write more. i dont know if it is possible or only a coincidence, also sometimes i have to wait a lot to can see the keyboard on screen and i have to restart the game many times to be able to write


Has anyone else that now the screen constantly freezes?

I could only laugh when I clicked on this post about disconnects and my internet  got disconnected! ?  Rentel- I have had the screen freezes and app hang ups from time to time too.


@Madlen What about the new ‘Lag bug’ which apperars after 2 days of conquest from last conquest. Everything freezes for a while after every 10 seconds.o

yes, I have faced the same problem…

Me too…I had reported in the bug section too when I faced it