[Feedback thread for] - Live Server Update 07.01.19

[mirroring official announcement]

Kings and Queens, Time for our first Live Server Update in 2019!

  • With this update, we have paid out 50 gems as compensation for the server crashes last Friday.  
  • Furthermore, we have deactivated Conquest boosts that could be prolonged even though they weren’t won.
  • Lastly, we fixed a bug that gave a crash/disconnect when players tried to collect the free pro-league ticket in their throne room.

Kind regards, Your Royal Revolt 2 team

_ _ _

If you have feedback, please leave it below. :slight_smile:

Not happy.

Many of our players couldn’t login for conquest the entire event.

respectfully you can have back your 50 gems, we spend thousands of gems on conquest.




Well, those disconnects cost my alliance a level 3 Watch Tower which was upgrading to level 4, so 50 gems is infuriating.

50 gems is a pathetic joke. How can I go about returning them? You must need them more than I do?..??

Always complaining…you should a least be greatefull that there was even a compensation this time!

Hi SamaYokay,

The forum website is secure again. It happened during the holidays, so, unfortunately, it took longer than usual to report and solve the issue. Thanks for your understanding.