[Feedback thread for] - Live Server Update 11.12.18 (maintenance + Archimedes Pal Buff, Eris Defense Beast Buff

? Kings and Queens,

We have just performed a Live Server Update. With this update, we are asking all users to use version 4.4.

Furthermore, we have implemented the following previously announced balancing changes:

  • Castle Gate (+DoomGate):
    • Can’t be stunned anymore
  • Archimedes Pal Buff:
    • Increased Attack Range to 2.2 (will attack firebolt and lightning towers, and over path borders)
    • Added Blunt Damage to Stun Spell
  • Eris Defense Beast Buff:
    • Removed Stun effect from spell
    • Increased Lightning Spell attack range from 1 to 3
    • Increased Lightning arc distance from 2 to 5
    • Increased number of Normal Lightning Attack’s arcs
    • Drastically increased number of Lightning Spell’s arcs

See you in Kingdom,



Please share your feedback with us below.

Glad to see Pals buffed, but I think more balancing is needed across all pals to see them picked more strategically. I’ve only ever used the same pal until I get a stronger one, and after that the others never see the light of day. I think Kaiser is in a good spot with a unique gold boost, but the others provide similar and minimal function of each other.

I was gonna comment about how it’s not showing the Stun increase on Archimedes’ level up screen anymore, and that it should be there

And when I was comparing the new level up screen with an screenshot from before the update…

This is missing on the balancing changes list! 

Before / After

Anything else??

I think I’m noticing a change on Fritz too (?)

Quite often some Gargoyles survive the sliding spell now. I’ve been using Fritz for quite a while now, and I never saw that happening before