[Feedback thread for] - Live Server Update 12.02.19/ Force onto 4.5

This is the feedback thread for the LSU.

?Kings and Queens,

We have just performed the Force Update. With this update, we ask all players to install the new version and with it, we introduce the following changes:


·         The food cost reduction perk on items was changed to now work in Dungeon Battles as earlier announced. Because of this, we have now reduced the medal gain in Dungeon battles and therefore, we have reset the Tournament World League Records for all leagues once more.

·         The Sanzu-Set is now activated in the Pro-Shop.

·         We raise the Alliance Chat Messages to 150 again.

·         PVE Units can’t be pushed or pulled anymore.

Nemesis rework:

-          Changed attacks of bombs. Every bomb deals the same amount of normal damage and has a new effect. 1. Blessing 2. Confuse probability 3. Zombify probability 4. Black Magic effect 5. Spirit Howl effect Increased movement speed of Nemesis Pal, Attack and Defense Beast by+2 on all levels (from 4 to 6)

-          Originally, we planned to have translocation as a bomb effect (as stated in the “discuss upcoming balancing section of the forum”, but as you can see we now have decided to exchange it with Blessing.

Ceres fear chance:

Pal, Attack and Defense Beast fear chance now works as the item perk. (to provide transparency for players)

  • removed static fear chance of 100%

  • fear chance now increases per level for both pal and the beast versions.

Royal Guardians:

-        Goruc

+0,8 movement speed on all levels

+5,3% fire damage per level

  • 1 use per battle (based on max battle time) resulting in 7sec more appearance time and one more ability use.

-          Trusty

  • +3% melee attack ice damage per lvl

  • +4% Icicle Rain spell dmg per lvl

  • Reduced cooldown per use by 4 seconds


-         -  Added new maximum levels to Goruc (Level 9) and Gaspar (Level 7)


  • from 100% Ice weakness to 50% Ice resistance

  • from 50% Fire weakness to 75% Fire weakness

  • reduced impact from Slow effects


Known Issues with this version:

-          Goruc’s devour VFX ends prematurely. The functionality is not affected, it is only a display bug.



Didn’t understand this. 

it seems that the spirit howl happens too often maybe my luck maybe it is a bug i’m not sure 

This is a big balance swing, on one of the best defensive units already.

Reducing/removing the ice weakness is one thing, but to go one step further and adding ice resistance on top of it could have adverse results.


Can you update the upgrade costs in the Royal Guardians topic?


Is this about ninjas, yetis and zombies?

Could you please explain how a reset of the league records makes sense at this point, when some leagues are still running where people could use the so-called dungeon exploit to earn medals and while the medal count for dungeon raids was still way higher? This will still mean that some league records cannot be broken or will be very hard to break. Please reset league records again 3 days after this force update to ensure equal treatment of all players. Thanks.

I think now u can’t pull or push Phoebe anymore .

OMG Nemesis is a Killer now … ?

PVE Units (all Ninjas, Zombies, Yetis) are not affected by any source of push or pull (Goruc pull, Viking push, G-5000 push).

Everything was seamless before maintenance break. After the maintenance break all video rewards are gone. I can watch videos but no rewards. Tried 4 videos, didnt work a single time. Please flare fix this… i am on Android.

Viking is good to counter frotz now. Otherwise there is nothing that can stop fritz.

sanzu kote intimidating seems to not working

Aren’t these things already called “mercenaries” in the game?  PVE units would be anything that isn’t a player…

Glad to hear this isn’t a change to prevent pushing Phoebe around.  I was briefly terrified about this change.

Many have problem with some term

PVE mean Player Versus Environment. So all about Solo Event : Ninja Event so here we talk about Zombie,Ninja,Yeti troops

PVP mean Player Versus Player. So all about event who allow you to defeat others players : War Season,Conquest,League,etc…

PS : PVE can be in other game about Campaign or Quest. Refer to all stuffs you do solo

        PVP refer to all multiplayer stuffs

Hope this help you to understand more


PVE units would mean the troops you get from a PVE event, like Warriornator said. Ninja’s, Zombies, and Yeti, which are all versions of the ninja event

@Madlen i have a question, why nemesis in the beast form do not dmg spike traps ?? it stood there for 6s slamming it without damaging it  could u please ask the devs if it attacks spikes or not and if not why it attacks them until they are destroyed by monks or player 

He is flying. He doesn’t get attacked by them, so he doesn’t bother attacking them back. :grinning:

well he won’t take dmg any way lol ,but  my point is he didn’t dmg them when slamming in beast form kept attacking without doing any dmg 

Okay, I see. Yes, this is intended.

but it does waste time … it blocks him for some ss if u don’t destroy that spike :slightly_frowning_face:  i think he should just get pass it without being blocked by it 

Still getting kicked out of the game and having problems with video rewards. Please fix it?