[Feedback thread for] - Live Server Update 15.11.18 - New levels in the game now

[mirroring official announcement]

Dear Olympians,

We are happy to announce that we have just performed a Live Server Update and introduced new levels to the game. Please see the full patch notes below.

Special thanks from the team to the huge amount of awesome community member suggestions which helped us when creating this update.


Islands & Economy

  • The first 8 island areas now feature lower level opponents.

  • Reduced the difficulty of Medusa and Minotaur islands.

-  Increased how much Wisdom can be found in the Vault of Hephaestus.

  • Increased how much Wisdom is generated by the Theater of Dionysos.

  • Increased how much Gold is generated by the Gold Temple.

  • Replaced some daily resource chests with item chests.

  • Daily item chests now have a chance to contain high-quality Hero Items.


Alliance Wars

  • Players can now earn up to 4 Titan Battle Chests in a War.

  • Improved the quality of Hero Items which can be found in Battle Titan Chests, particularly those for high VP. This chance is higher the more VP are required to unlock the chest.

  • Increased VP required to acquire Battle Chests in 1-vs-1 Wars.

  • Fixed that “Chest of the Victor” (award for 1st place in Titan League) would sometimes contain a regular Titan Item instead of a Unique Item.


Hero Items

  • Further increased the strength gained on an item when superforging it by destroying 2*, 3*, 4* or 5* items.

  • Players should no longer find cursed items which require them to win Autoplay battles.

  • Perks:

  • Petrify: Increased proc chance, on new items, by 20%, increased duration from 4 to 6 seconds, increased damage bonus from x2 to x3.

  • Regeneration: Increased strength by 50%, on new items.

  • Potency: Increased strength by 25%, on new items.

  • Frostbite: Increased proc ice damage from +50% to +200% (of a normal weapon attack).

  • Area Damage: Reduced chance of getting this perk on Cursed items.

  • Movement Speed: Increased strength by 13%, on new items.

  •  Health (Perk): Increased strength by 25%, on new items.



  • Prometheus:

  • Now has a 10% Physical Resistance bonus.

  • Now has a 10% Movement Speed Bonus.

  • Helen of Troy:

  •   Increased initial and maximum Morale by 2.



  • Asclepius: Doubled healing effect on the Hero.

  • Siren: Increased stun duration by 1 second, slightly increased damage at higher levels, reduced cooldown by 2 seconds.

  • Pyrphoros: Increased shield strength by 25%.

  • Fist of Power: Stun duration now increases by 0.1 second with every level, slightly increased damage gained per level.

  • Ajax Whirlwind: Increased damage by up to 15%.

  • Ajax Charge: Now also briefly stuns all targets hit, very slightly increased damage gained per level.

  • Pheme: Slightly increased range and duration at lower levels and slightly reduced how much they scale at higher levels.


New Upgrade Levels

  • Heroes’ Temple +1

  • Ambrosia Temple +1

  • Ambrosia Storage +1

  • Gold Temple +1

  • Chamber of Gold +1

  • Theater of Dionysos +1

  • Library of Wisdom +1

  • Gate of Apollo +1

  • Guardhouse of Thanatos +1

  • Hero Statue +1

  • War Academy +2

  • All Units +2 per Academy level

  • Shrine of Power +2

  • All Powers +2 per Shrine level

  • Significantly reduced upgrade times

  • Ithacan Harbor +2

  • Increased maximum difficulty to 12

  • 5 Titan Sea Chests obtainable at maximum level

  • Alliance Hall of Uranus +3

  • Towers and Barricades +3


We hope you enjoy!

May the blessings of Zeus be with you!

_ _ _

Please leave your feedback below! :slight_smile:

All super cool stuff, and way more than I expected. Thanks guys!

Thank you and all the other forum community members as well who reached out to the devs and me and provided feedback. We hope you will enjoy!

Damn it, I got so excited just by reading it, upgraded my Harbor and now I don’t have enough resources to finish my current Odyssey ?

Aw that’s rough, sorry man!

@Madlen when you say new items, do you mean 1 forge will classify it as new and its power will be “better effect” or do you mean completely new items “will have it in them”?

Will there be a new version, or will it use the same v4.2.0?

Or maybe because it’s not available for some countries yet (in my case Canada)?

At what level is the level 13 Temple of heroes available ?

I think everyone is happy. But it is a pity that was not announced a specific release date. For some days. I expected it. All my workers are busy…(

Finally, new levels are here, but…

OMG ALL my Battle Chests from last war disappeared, including 3 Titan Battle Chests, 5 Godlike Battle Chests and a few others! ?

Please return them ASAP!!!

Are you sure it’s not already live for you? It’s not a downloadable console update, just a server update (for now). 

You nerfed all our uniques with POTENCY perk! Apples etc have less effect, didn’t see that in your server description says normal get potency boost… @Madlen

Prometheus is still going to be useless, the 10% boost isn’t really enough.


mine too…(at least the rest i did not open yet). thought that there should have been some more time left (at least on the higher ones)?

Does this mean when we go up a level and forge a unique they will scale up to the new levels or are they all effectively nerfed by 25% now?

When you say "new items"do you mean newly acquired or newly forged? Because I’m reading that as old kit has effectively been nerfed by the values you list on various items.

well all my potency items reduced values by at least 10k potency. Unique apples/bow/fleece, etc

12/14 days to upgrade the temple is just daft.

It serves no purpose at all other than to annoy the players.

Ok I restarted the app a couple of times, and I can now see the changes.

hi philstar. my values also reduced, i compared by screenshots of apple. i assume its because the effect of potency got raised… i hope so