[Feedback thread for] - Live Server Update 18.01.19

Dear Olympians,

We have just performed a Live Server Update.

  •        Upgrading Bia to level 20 now increases movement speed (if it is already upgraded above level 20 this will work retroactively).
  •         Prepared the server for fixing the War Blessings issue.

Please let us know if you are still affected by the War Blessing issue in the feedback thread below.

We want to apologize once again for the on-going issue with the War Blessings.

Thank you and may Zeus have mercy on you or on us in that case!


hi Madlen, still nothing

Hi war blessings are still unavailable for activation. Had to cut screens due to size limit 

Right, after recent update we were able to extend those war blessings which were active.

But we can’t activate blessings which were expired. Could you please let us activate them again?

Blessings were activated, thanks

Fixed, thanks


Sorry but for the guild “La Guilde Fr I”, we still have the problem… We can’t activate the war blessings which were expired…

We are fighting not to go down and the next war may be a disaster… It’s disheartening.


Was this patch just supposed to just return earned blessings that were removed, or fix all the blessings issues?

Yeahhhhh the blessings have just came back.

Is it a batch scheduled or my last message which has been listened ?

Thanks ?



@Madlen my alliance is promoted in this war but we don’t have blessing for this league.

Do you are able to do a correct thing ??? just one !!! just one, it is possible ???



Hi vasudeva,

Please use the cheat detection forum to post such things. Name&shame is forbidden in the general forum. Thank you! 

i edited my post , my alleance war promoted in this war and we don’t have the additional blessing, so why we have to play whit an handicap ?

@Madlen any solution for blessing ? 

Look Madle this is halfgod liga and another alliance in a war map have still war blessings from God Liga. How must we do this war now? Please delete this war blessing from this alliance. 

This is our war with them

@Madlen we need blessings for our current league, please give me a solution instead to come here only for tell me "please don’t show the name of cheaters "

we need and answer and a solution quickly 


Even 5000 gems would be fine. And 2000 to me for acting as an intermediary! ?

Madlen You can activate the missing bonus, please .