[Feedback thread for] - Live Server Update 18.12.18

[mirroring official announcement]

Dear Olympians,

We have just performed a Live Server Update. Are you ready, warriors of the Olympus? Here are the patch notes.:

  •          Toned down the matchmaking change done in the last update where we tried to match lower level opponents on inner islands.
  •          Removed excessive Blessings from several Alliances.
  •          Compensated said Alliances with Alliance Gold equal to the amount spent.

Note: Since our policy has been not to remove Blessings from Alliances, we will also be giving a one-off Gem compensation to those Alliances which we have removed Blessings from.

May Zeus always have mercy on you,

Your Olympus Rising team

_ _ _

If you have feedback, please leave a comment below.

You’ve removed blessings that shouldn’t be there…errr?..RS didn’t feature on top 3 last TL season FYI. There maybe others less obvious but that one is obvious.  I see progress in the lower leagues at least.  Edit Seal still has chaos gate not from last season but the season before that…so what exactly did you fix…again? 

P.S - You should’ve given gems to the alliances that faced these teams (and prob spent gems on invocs to beat chaos gate , etc) in wars, not the alliances that unfairly prolonged them to their own advantage. Oh dear.

Screenshot (1623).jpg

Hi there,

the blessings for the coming war season were not removed. We cannot differentiate for all alliances on the server which blessings should and should not be active, due to the bug. So any which are currently active and prolonged until the end of the season will remain active.

Thank you for sorting out blessings. Good to have an even playing field. 


However, there still seems to be some bugs with duration. There are 12 days left in current season. You can see that my alliance still has more than that on a couple blessings (showing max duration reached) and a couple with fewer, at 5 days) but also showing max duration reached.


we also have the phalanx wall which is 5 days also but has the button to extend (as it should be).



This is the only game where those who take advantage of bugs are rewarded, alliances that had prolonged blessings beyond what they should receive gems and those who play correctly receive nothing? more an absurd error of management.

There is a policy to reward the ‘smart’ players.  Incidentally I’ve found a circumstance with special conditions where forging/refining  can produce exaggerated perk values/base values…but I’m actually not going to advise anyone as it’s probably nothing and I’m going to be ‘smart’, and I don’t know, maybe it was meant to be that way after all. I will see in a year, and see how high I can get some numbers.


@Madlen The alliances like seal who have kept the blessings have received the gems?

Thanks for the answer 

It is absurd to play against an alliance with infinite blessing. But it is cowardice to benefit them even more with gems! And let the right players out of the reward. It is an accumulation of injustices that has been occurring with the OR.


The teams with prolonged blessings payed for them so should of course be compensated. 


Yeah , but the spent gold was returned, that’s the fair, gems are rewards for taking advantage of developer mistakes

I can see where people would chafe at the gems, but I agree that gold should have been refunded at a minimum. It’s not a player’s fault when there’s a bug.

And even the gems makes some sense when you think about how players may have made loads of gem donations to be able to afford prolonging those blessings. I know if that happened to me I would be annoyed that I spent gems for nothing. This bug affected alliances at all levels, not just the super wealthy ones. It was probably a little overly generous, however. I’m just glad it’s settled now and we all know that after this season it’s over.


Sure, players are not to blame for the bugs so they can not be penalized. but what happened was rewards for using the bug, definitely something totally contrary to the rules of the game and the rules of conduct available in the respective forum area. The return of the gold spent, is already equivalent to the expenditure of gems, if the player chose to use all the gems he had for donations is not the fault of the OR, the time that in addition to having the gold returned, receive gems as a reward, are being rewarded twice.

Can you please fix it so that we can extend blessings that are not currently extended to the end of the season? At the moment we have 2 that only have 4 days left but there is just under 12 days left in the season now.  We are unable to prolong them past 4 days.

I don’t disagree with any of this. 

Hi, @Madlen 

I am General of Olympus Brazil and play cleanly and cohesively … without having to make mistakes or any form of undue advantage, GUERREIRO LUAN is an Official Member of the Alliance, and like everyone here … we are disappointed by the lack of management and discretion when such failures occur. I suggest that these rewards be given to all Leagues that have War blessings. Because if you get “Selecting” the compensated ones … deserving or not, it generates a wave of DISSATISFACTION. So … If you still want this game to grow … while popularity and supporters, free the 5000 Gems Compensation for all Leagues!

Sérgio Moro

General of Olympus Brazil.

@Madlen sorry but I do not understand the sense of giving these gems to everyone. If the gems are a compensation to the alliances that have undeservedly blessed, then they must receive only those alliance with the immediate removal of blessings (which they have benefited for almost 3 months) and with the message "these gems and the repayment of gold is more than enough to repay you for removing something you did not deserve ".


Hello good afternoon! @Madlen 

My name is Danilo Pinho, I am an Olympus Brazil Official. It is not right that alliances that have been used by undue means in war are to benefit from precious stones. This will cause in the game an inequality with which you did not use these means now not accepted by Flare Games. In the name of the just and certain I ask that it be distributed to all jewels. Hobbes Leviathan.

P.S. Q. This alliance still has undue blessing on the barrier???

So it is a 5k gems reward( compansation) for those whom cheated for 1 and a half season for having blessings they should not have ? Using it to Kik our ***** !!!

That is exactly how it is @Neoleas - it’s not like they didnt’ know what they were doing, but as we know ‘smart’ people get rewards :grinning: