[Feedback thread for] - Live Server Update 18.12.18

[mirroring official announcement]

Dear players,

We have just performed a Live Server Update. Here are the changes:


  • The Pro-League is now accessible from Throne Room Level 8 on.
  • Overall, we have improved the rewards of ALL Pro-Chests and we guarantee 1 Pro-Item per Pro-Chest.
  • The ticket price for the Pro-League was reduced by 30%.

Alliance Chat:

We have increased the messages that are displayed to 150.

See you in Kingdom,

Your Royal Revolt 2 team

_ _ _

If you have feedback, please leave it below.

Game crashes again after that maintenance break. Earlier today after the update, I did 4 raids, no problems. No crashes. Now after the recent maintenance break, 2 raids, both times it crashed… There go another 100+ trophies

I am sorry to hear that, we are looking into the matter again. If you have crash logs, it would be helpful to post them in the bug section.

I thought these changes were only for 2019, but I’ll take them now :wink:

I just opened, it has one pro in one chest. It is better, 3 chests with 2 pro item and 1 pro gem reward. Luckily i havent opened it


Are these changes in the pro league permanent or are they just discounts for Christmas/New Year?

These pro rewards  are way better.  One item guaranteed helps a lot.  We can atleast melt during bs event if not needed.  But the days of just pal food and Pearl’s are over.   Quite impressed and with entrance fee reduced to play will help with participation  totals.  Good job

i feel scammed hahah :slightly_frowning_face:  bought tickets atleast 3 every month since they removed donation and i got 90% of my chests with only pearls or pal food :confused: refund is needed 

Yes. Even I was going to stop pro as it was to expensive and if u are in the 200 to 500 rank range, just 2 crappy pro chests for spending so many gems were not worth it.    Only 3rd chest and above was good.    But this is a welcome change.

Sad for folks who just bought many tickets

mamy problem w sojuszu gracze o niskim lvl Sala tronowa " 8 lvl nie moga odebrać darmowego biletu PRO za każdym razem wyrzuca z gry

Prosimy o pomoc

I am a problem in the alliance of low-lvl players. Throne room "8 lvl can not pick up a free PRO ticket every time you throw out of the game We ask for help

One player in my alliance reported that he cannot collect free ticket with a lvl 8 building.

collect ticket is displayed but pressing button disconnects player. ign Microgo



in this game, an interpreter in an alliance chat would be useful to facilitate communication with players from many countries. or a backed-out text window so that you can copy and paste the text.


I can confirm what has been mentioned here, I have my throne at level 8 and each time i try to collect my free pro ticket, the game crashes, taking me back to the loading screen with ‘Connection Lost’ appearing.

yes, seems no one can collect at 8-9 Throne room


This latest update still crashes for iOS during festival raids, crashed 2 times already.

ign: Chaosys

No crashes since the last update on Android. I’m afraid though that the crashes will come back for me, once they release the next update. It has been like that, every other update caused crashes

War has started and the game still crashes(android) , game closes during war raid feels good.

I did not update now there is no crash! Who this understand

I raided a base and I used donkey to trip jester boxes but when I got to the courtyard and was taking the last two towers down the game crashed. I was advised by a teammate to not use a guardian but when I raided the same base it happened again at exactly the same place. This update should never have happened with the holiday season and obvious lack of staff that this entails. The war will be a joke with players struggling to finish raids.

I am using iOS which is all updated