[Feedback thread for] - Live Server Update 20.02.19

?Kings and Queens, We have just performed a Live Server Update in which we have deactivated the Conquest Boost of Alliances, that didn’t win them rightfully.     Your Royal Revolt 2 team

Did you refund money for any days that still existed ?  Our generals were extending our boost and we wound up with several extra days of gargoyles. [we were not trying to cheat…just adding time to all boost]

However, we realized that after conquest we still had 3 days on our gargoyles. ANY alliance money that was allowed to be used should be refunded to the alliance.

We would be owed about 14mil in boost oversite money…


Alliances that have spent Alliance Gold on the prolonging of those Boosts should have their Gold back.

Good thank you

I think money should not be refunded this case

everyone know its a bug, and using this bug( spending gold for it) is an exploite i bet

While this is true, it’s possible that those alliances thought that maybe there was a bug in the conquest or a team that cheated and therefore they took that teams place. It seems fair that they get their money back

I do not think those teams are luck of brain.

everyone saw we can prolong the boosts.

but not all did it.


Perhaps, fixing the bug so teams cannot accidentally spend more than is available to extend. Often I personally do not look, I just add time to all of our boost.

It is not my job to calculate exactly when each one should end.

Thank you for refunding our over spending … and please fix it so the boost stop extending at the proper time.