[Feedback thread for] - Live Server Update 22.11.18 - maintenance

Kings & Queens,

We have just performed a Live Server Update.

With this update, we have removed War boosts of a very small number of Alliances that did not win these in the last War season. We have refunded these alliances the alliance gold that they have spent to prolong the boosts in question.

Royal regards,


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If you have feedback for this, please share it below.

And why exactly did they get a refund?? They used those boosts, right? Even tough they knew they were not supposed to have them available.

can you give the same amount of gold to all other teams too?

Boost prolongings have been acting weird now & then, without answers from Flaregames:


Logged in after the maintenance break. Now our Froster boost is gone. We have won the froster 2 wars ago, so there was no reason to take it away. Now we are here and don’t have our main boost for attack. That sucks big time, especially cause it’s conquest and cause we pay a lot of gold to prolong it. We need our boost. Fix this problem ASAP

Contacted via PM.

If you won it 2 wars ago, mean you shouldnt have it now

All right then

Last war was pyro war, the war before that was froster, means 2 wars ago

Hm, u right, sorry! 

It’s OK, I accept xD anyway we got the boost back