[Feedback thread for] Live Server Update - 25.10.18 - Bela buff + New Conquest Tier

[mirroring official announcement]

Dear players,

We have just performed a Live Server Update. There were 2 changes:

1. Change:

Just in time for Halloween, we have performed the earlier announced Bela Pal, Offense and Defense Beast Buff:

  • ?Increasing infection chance per level 20-29%
  • ?Doubled Poison damage of normal Attack
  • ?Blunt damage of normal attack +10% on all levels
  • ?Lifedrain spell duration +1sec on all levels (-> 40% uptime)
  • ?Lifedrain radius +1 on all levels (more range)
  • ?Lifedrain damage over time strength +20% on all levels

Please note: The displayed Infection percentage is true for all units with three slight exceptions. Werewolves, Monks, and Mummies currently have a 0,5 multiplier on the displayed value. Essentially we cut the infection chance for those three units in half but overall Bela’s Infection chance was buffed a lot. We appreciate your input on the issue.

  • And: With the new upcoming client 4.3 coming out very soon you will be able to to see the Infection chance % in all Bela stat screens.

TL;DR: Bela is ? ? ?


2. Change:

We have added one more tier on top of the  Conquest tiers called Novice Adventurers (tier 7). This should further guarantee that top Alliances are evenly matched. In general, about 100 alliances were ranked 1 tier up.

With this change, we rebalanced tier 5 and 6 very slightly in order to give the top tier all the top level boosts. These are the changes that we made:


  • Tier 6 Veteran Explorers - ConquestGargoyle (level 4), ConquestTrioxinTower (level 4), ConquestViking (level 4), ConquestTent (level 4)
  • Tier 5 Seasoned Explorers - ConquestGargoyle (level 3), ConquestTrioxinTower (level 3), ConquestViking (level 3), ConquestTent (level 3)


  • (new!) Tier 7 Novice Adventurers - ConquestGargoyle (level 4), ConquestTrioxinTower (4), ConquestViking (4), ConquestTent (4)
  • Tier 6 Veteran Explorers - ConquestGargoyle(3), ConquestTrioxinTower(4), ConquestViking (4), ConquestTent (3)
  • Tier 5 Seasoned Explorers - ConquestGargoyle (2), ConquestTrioxinTower (3), ConquestViking (3), ConquestTent (2)

- As you can see in Tier 5 and 6 the ConquestGargoyle boost and the ConquestTent boost got reduced by 1 level.

TL;DR: One new top tier; 2 reduced boosts by 1 level in tier 5 and 6

If you want to discuss this news with us, please do so below.

Have a good day,


1st test-run: infection buff noticeable, enhanced life-drain unfortunately not. Will continue testing.

Cool, looking forward to your input.

Ok, Infect works pretty well on Necros, Paladins and Vikings. Also I have noticed, that even if the Multiplier is 0,5 many Wolves are howling at the other Side. I like, that Bela attacks Towers too.

For Life Drain I think the Animation takes far too long. When the grey Bar is full, it takes another 2 Secs for the Effect to start. That is a little bit confusing. But I welcome the Range of the Life Drain - which reaches out to the other Lane without Problems and can help you out before the U-Turn.

Why is there highest tier called “novice”? So weird.

It is called Tier 7 Novice Adventurers  , where all below are called like Tier 6 xxx  Explorers. 

That would indicate, that they introduce other tiers above this one as well, e.g. Tier 7 Seasoned Adventurers and Tier 7 Veteran Adventureres.

Makes sense?

Bela needed a buff.

I am not able to test it but I’m hoping Bela becomes useful.

Very excited since I have used Bela as my pet despite the previous shortcomings. I just love me a life-draining bat.

Cool, let us know how you experience our favorite bat. ?

Bela is great. Much thanks ??


Maybe Flothaboss(FTB) can make a Video from the new bela ? on High Level. ?

My Bela at Level 6 is too weak to say that the changes are effective. 

On a run only ~50% then the time is out with a Setup that works with some other pals.


Wow, the life drain over the path helps in diciest situations and heals considerable amount when mixed with heal aura ring! And the infection is good too.Pls raise the frequency of infection as per each level of Bela!

And you know what, I 99.9999% use Ceres as my companion before, now I have another one. (Here comes the term variance, flare stated above) if pals have much equal level of abilities, people automatically start switching pals as per their matchmaking! 

Haha, now I’m in great confusion which one to use… and using Bela in first preference… take a nap, Ceres! I’ll relieve you!

This is the statement I’ll like to give you flare, for Bela buff!

Pls consider other pals abilities to reach the level of Ceres and Bela!(so that people will have tough choices and scratch their heads on thinking about which pal should I use right now?)


Bela is now way too Savage! Try it guys! You won’t mostly lose tough matches!?

It’s hard to read all those Bella changes when literally nothing informs you of this in the game itself. If you didn’t memorize Bella’s stats before thiss update and don’t even read the forums, you would have no god damn clue it was changed.

What you Flare people need to do is, every single time a unit or a Pal is changed, the moment we open up Units or Pals screen, the game should center-focus on that Pal that has just been changed and show us 2 separate stats windows, the previous one on the left side and the new one on the right side, side by side, for clear comparison.

But I guess it’s too difficult to do for ya…

Here are the seasonings used for that tier :stuck_out_tongue:  


Just because I didn’t say anything before…

Thanks very much for the changes on Bela, the improvement is very noticiable, and I have a new favorite pal now.

Go life draining bat, go! 

I want to state that the matchmaking is much better then before! ?

The changes are very welcome, thanks much. Bela is draining more often, which is his best feature. He also infects noticeably more often, though it is mostly Ogres now given the multipliers of the other monsters.

I haven’t tried pal flute with him yet. That was not effective before so hopefully it is a potential option now.

Thanks again for the Bela buff!