[Feedback thread for] - Live Server Update 27.02.19


Kings and Queens,

We have just performed a Live Server Update.

We have added the Birthday Pro-Set to the shop! Enjoy!

Your Royal Revolt 2-team

New Pro Set looks awesome!

The only problem I have with this set is that they aren’t new items. Only Pro versions of previous Uber items. But, the stats are pretty good and the color is even better. I’ve always been wanting a yellow color!

Wolf helmet was in the new pro set. I feel very good. Thank you

nekuro 小手.PNG


However, the effect of Necromancer’s glove is different between UBER and PRO.

My friend says he does not want to replace the conventional necromancer’s glove with Scream effect.

If this is a mistake, as soon as you fix it promptly more people will purchase this.

Will the Birthday Pro-Set be available permanently or will it only be in the Pro-Shop for a limited time?

It’ll be in the shop permanently

This is the best skull weapon in the game, one of the best armours in the game, probably the top (or 2nd) skull gloves, nice cape, nice helmet and nice belt. This is a super solid pro set. I love it.


That pro Chuchunya is just awesome really. Now, younger players can not only get to +30% skull bonus very very easily, but also pretty much get a top war kit without much effort as well. This is great.

The two skull items combine to cost more than 48k crystals so I wouldn’t say that younger players can get a top war kit without much effort, but I get what you mean