[Feedback thread for] - Live Server Update16.11.18 - several changes

[mirroring official announcement]

Kings and Queens,

We have just performed a Live Server Update.

With this update we have implemented the following changes:

  • Storage Conquest:

We have received a lot of feedback of the community to adjust the donation cycle for Troops, Wisdom and Stones to be shorter because of the shortened Conquest time. We have decided to go with a 24 hour donation cycle. That means from now on it will be possible for players to donate these resources every 24 hours. As a consequence, the storage capacities and the current resources in storage have been reduced by 50%.

  • Alliance Gold costs for reward Alliance Boosts (War, Pro-League and Conquest)

We have a treat for all of the alliances short of alliance gold. These costs were REDUCED by a whopping 25%. So for an level80 Alliance the max costs are down to 1.500.000.

  •  Tech tree Wisdom cost change

Alliances can only spend ~60% of wisdom cost as compared to the previous Conquest. Therefore, Alliances will not be able to develop 100% of the techs. This should further emphasize the function of the tech TREE, meaning it is asked to decide by the Alliance which tech is most valuable to them.

We hope you will welcome these changes and look forward to receiving your feedback below.


I think it’s a good change.

Only problem will be refilling resources, since members now can donate 50% instead of 100%. So possibility is there that we run out of resources, but due to faster donation, it depends on members to donate in time. So now it also makes sense that members do upgrade their personal buildings to higher levels to support their team. 

I must say I like it. Of course in practice we can run against some problems, but we will see it within less than a week.

Does this mean,for a research that needs 60k wisdom,only when 100k wisdom is there in the inventory,it can be researched??

Yeah, I too like these changes. I think Dena hit it right on the head about the donating though, it may make teams run out of resources quicker. That’ll all be figured out when the time comes though. As for the other changes, they’re just brilliant. We definitely needed the Alliance War Boost and Tech Tree reductions, that will help out alliances big time in the future

The reducing of the boosts that you have to win is very good and very much needed, BUT, the costs of the elite boosts should be reduced as well, cause it makes no sense that the boosts that are available for free, cost more than the stronger and better ones that you have to win. So, reduce the costs of the elite boosts as well. Maybe also 25%

Those are really nice improvements! 

But I don’t think the changes were implemented correctly
our storages, all full before, only lost a few resources

And you forgot to mention that the costs for Elite Boosts were slightly increased

We did not intentionally change the costs for the Elite Boosts. Do you have an example?



What does this mean? It’s not clear.

I think it means that wisdom Will be even more scarce than it already was?

Probably not a bad thing, cause if every alliance can research everything, it means that no one has an advantage (and everyone is just spending more teamgold)

Fair enough but I don’t think everyone researches everything. We find things way too expensive, even when controlling a library at end of first day.

VL does.

And the richer the alliance, the more techs they’re going to research.

It’s a money competition really.

And VL dnt like it

thats why i posted here an idea about the tech tree

While there will be extra donations with gems things will be the same whatever changes will be made. I am not from very conquest upgraded aliance but last conquest we were able to make 5 or 6 techs.

When you use gems you can ruin every model now :slight_smile:

Only pushing current resources (5 gem) is resonable.

I don’t get this sentence. The intention is clear but how is this achieved?

I dht understand this new rules


  1. we can donate now only 600 wisdome instead of 1200. How many will cost to push skip cooldown? Before its was like 240, now it will be like 120?

  2. i dnt understand idea about 60%, explain please.

  3. the idea of daily donations  seems VERY stressful? but ok.

  4. lets say 65 members can donate like 600*65= 39000 daily. 5 days( dnt count day 5 but we will donate in day 1 twice) 195000 and 160000 we have in storage its mean 355000.

its like 5-7 researches only


  1. will the time of researches be reduced?



Tech should be balanced that you should be able to make about 4/5 of tech tree when all members has their conquest buildings at max. Rest only when you have an extra library building. Something like that

As I remember some DEV said that game should be balanced that it supports skillful players/teams

Time is a key

the team who will make the rseaexhws first will win first at 3 days if we wll have the same time of researches, like 2-3 hours.


thats why its very matter to increase the time of researchwa

To get 60-80% of the research should take 96 hours, that 4 days.  With the wisdom costs balanced around that.

I was just checking how much gold we are gonna spend on boosts after the server update
and I notice a slight increase compared to the elite boosts prices I’ve written down


  • Blazing Knights (16h):
    before: 1.770.000
    now: 1.816.000
    +69k daily
  • Power Archer (12h):
    before: 1.760.000
    now: 1.806.000
    +99k daily…