[Feedback thread for] - Maintenance 26.02.19

Kings and Queens,

We have just performed a Live Server Update to fix the server issues some users are experiencing. With it, you will receive a compensation chest upon login.

We will investigate alliances that have lost their boosts and plan to prolong them. This will require another maintenance though and has not been part of this maintenance now. We will keep you informed about this. 

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Your Royal Revolt 2 - team

As for now everything is working properly. And thanks for a nice chest ☺️

*****s happens.

all fine and tnx for the chest

the chest is awesome

The problem is not fixed! I was just thrown out of the game, during the passage of the 9th stage of the Pro-League … And this is the second time today … I lost time … And the opportunity to take first place … Add me time … IGN: Pavelp


Glad you guys fixed this error. The compensation chest was nice


hello, there is a problem with the tower elite ignea pro that no longer fires fire and now is slower that is worse I hope they also fix that problem in the next update of the server,
also our conquest elites expired and can not be activated agai_n_

Are happybirthday set items buyable everyday or only few days? 

They are permanently there. There are a lot of good perks on the items for a pretty fair price on some. There are a few expensive items, but overall the set is pretty great

Are you sure? So i can buy happy birthday set items even after RR2 birthday? I wanna buy them after increasing hero’s level :slight_smile:

I’m fairly certain. Wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to have such high priced items and have them around for a limited time. If you want to wait a while, I’m 99.9% certain these items are permanently in the store

There are no plans to remove the set from the Pro-shop again.

What chest? I don’t have get it and I have go into the game twice since this morning. If its the case I wait…

Edit : Just verify to be sure and still got nothing. No pop up and no chest. that why I am confuse about those who said they got a chest in compensation

Edit 2 : Sorry don’t have notice that was a old topic. Was sure that was about the recently disconnection in the game. This topic date from 1 week ago. You should close it then…to avoid this. I hate people who hjack old one. Was sure that was about this morning