[Feedback thread for] - New Event Cycle//New Festival Content//Dungeon exploit

?Hi guys,

Today we want to talk about some upcoming changes that will make into the game very soon.

Are you ready?

I will break down this announcement in 3 parts:

1. New Cycle for events

2. New Festival content

3. Dungeon raiding exploit

1. Let’s start with the new event cycle.

Due to popular demand, we will change our current 3-week cycle (War->Ninja->Conquest) to a new 4-week cycle:

  1. War season
  2. Ninja event
  3. Conquest event
  4. Ninja event
  • 1 Festival each month (I will come back to that in part 2).

Yes, that’s right – we are introducing 2 Ninja events per month!


Furthermore, in the future, the Conquest will start on Thursdays at 3 pm UTC and run respectively until Tuesday 3 pm UTC.

  • This way, there will be 2 days of break before a Conquest starts (after a Ninja event) and 2 days break before the next Ninja event starts (after the Conquest).

All other events (Ninjas Wars) will keep the same start time and take place on the same weekdays.

This change will most likely be implemented with a Live Server Update tomorrow. So don’t be surprised if the timing for events has changed after the LSU and if you can prolong your boosts for a little bit longer this one time.

Consequently, a new War will start on the 1st of February.

2. New Festival content

We have reworked our Festivals! While some Festivals for the specific seasons or traditions, such as for Halloween and Christmas will still take place, we now introduce monthly Festivals!

Yes. 1 Festival each month. But wait? Will we just keep on giving away items, like in the other Festivals? NOPE! Because that would be a bit lame!

  • The main concept of Festivals stays the same, but there is a plethora of all-new content going to be offered in them.
  • Such as the brand-new Festival Tokens. Obtain special Tokens with Festival Currency to activate all kinds of amazing boosts for your Kingdom and Hero, e.g. a temporary XP-Boosts, Double Gold from Battles or a shortening of Building Upgrade Times. Manage your Tokens in the new Token Inventory and use the fitting Token whenever you need it.
  • Also being introduced in Festivals are our new flashy Skins for your Units and Obstacles. Want your Archers to look like the famous prince of thieves? Or your Ogres to resemble a brute Cyclops? No problem, get the Skin in the Festival Shop and activate it in the Troop Academy. Show off to your attackers and let them experience a new side of your Defense.
  • Last but not least, we are adding Uber Chests, Pal Chests, and Guardian Chests to the Festival Shop, which can be obtained using Festival Currency.

Thus, they should have something useful in stock for everybody.

We will announce more info and details soon as time goes by. The first Festival is to be expected towards the End of February / Beginning of March  (subject to change).

3. Dungeon exploit

It will soon no longer be possible to replay the same Dungeon mission once 3 crowns have been reached. The reasoning behind this change lies in the fact, that this feature has been heavily exploited to gain unfair advantages over other players, using Farm- or even Bot-Accounts. We are sorry that we have to take away this option from honest players, but they too are being harmed by this exploit. To at least give you some time to adapt to this change, we are announcing it now before it will finally become effective in about 2 weeks.

_ _ _

These are the news about some upcoming changes that will be implemented into the game soon.

We are looking forward to your feedback in the feedback thread below and we can’t wait for you all to see the new Festivals.



Ps:  Yes- those Archer’ skins do look awesome!


good news is “+ 1 Festival each month”,although for example some people said they got aska pal during festival,I was not active that time,can’t see it in pro shop either,planning to offer it again? and regarding dungeon,since I playing again,I don’t know but even 500-1000 trophies above me,I won’t get much medals,mostly 34 medals per battle,so when I’m in fighting for tournament medals,I always hit for dungeon battles.

Now without *****ing off a lot of members,we cannot win leagues going forward from now?.

You can win it by fighting…not by rushing in dungeon…

I have mixed feelings about this update:

The new festival seems cool with all the XP and gold boost thing. Thumbs up for the idea :grinning:


The problem is… The so called, “Dungeon exploit” thing…

You’re  gonna kill players who farm medals via dungeon…

I rarely do it now a days but, players who only win 34 medals, will be on a HUGE disavantage, compared to those who can win >100 easily.

At least in the past, if they had more time, they could still surpass someone who won more medals per fight.

I think that change is largely unwelcomed, since it will widden the gap bettween low-mid players and high trophy players… :slightly_frowning_face:


PS: What if I want to replay that level, to show a friend how to beat it? Sounds unfair that I can’t replay it…

At least let us replay it once a day or so? Please give it a thought, thanks in advance.

Reducing the frequency of Conquest and increasing Ninjas is pretty good.

More festivals are pretty good as well.


The dungeon thing… most players will no longer be able to compete in the platinum and diamond league.

The upside is that it will force players to attack other players if they want to win leagues, instead of repeating the same easy dungeon non stop. Forcing players to attack other players will do wonders to improve the average raiding hability in this game.

Increasing ninja frequency is good, it gives us more pearls and forces players like me to do more their best to dump plus regain trophies?.  Reducing conquest frequency is also good, it is very time demanding and an extra break of a week, will be good.

One festival per month is good, the token currency sounds good, on condition tokens don’t have an expiration date. Can we buy extra tokens? I hope weekly events plus a community week also stay.

For the rest I can only say, good job. Looking forward to troop outfits.


I like idea of  force  players to attack other players for medals,repeating same dungeon battle boring but then there have to be fair distribution of medal gain,even 500+ trophies above me I get 34 medals per battle,+1000 trophies above me get near around 70 medals-depends on base after.and I don’t open my base and do things like that to stay below my actual level.and even with dungeon battle can barely do good,but don’t in diamond league,not much ads for food here as well ! 

It would be great if we could replay the dungeons for no reward instead (like test friends’ base) and not making them completely unavailable. It would be good for practicing or advising our teammates, etc.

Thanks in advance!

Dungean exploit fix.

poor  o poor!! low level players a 500 player yield as much as a 2000 player  with bread 17 =35medals 

500 medal 45sec to beat 2000 medal 3.4 min do the math

dont think its smart a low level will quit when he is attacked 300 times a day

not good for the survival of the game fix medal yield first


friendy regards 


Thank you flare. Now this game getting more interesting.

Seems im dumb.

what a dungeon exploite.

can someone tell me?)


changes= 0

Wow I’am so proud of the team, congrats, words can’t express my gratitude?.

Looking forward for the festivals.


More ninja??? Oh, no…couldn’t be worse than that…?

Always fun to see the game evolve a little bit more. Looking forward to seeing new stuff.


Please something more interesting in pro shop. Had all items and pals for very long time. 

Please can buy guardian chest with crystals 

I really like these changes.Thank you for listening and accepting players feedback via forum and survey. Ninjas more often ? Festivals are more significant ?

I like the changes but I would change Pro League also 25 or 30 minutes for 10 levels.

If you want to disable dungeons as a source of medals then think about introducing entirely new system of medals distribution among players, because only high end players are gaining medals via pvp fights in current system.

Someone using bot? hmm… Ban.

Someone exploiting game? hmmm… ban him too?