[Feedback thread for] - New version 4.3 // Patch Notes

Kings and Queens,

We have just released our new version 4.3.

With this version, we squashed some bugs (iek) and introduce some Conquest changes.

Let’s start!

Conquest Matchmaking

·         As already announced earlier, we made some changes to the matchmaking that will base the matchmaking not only on the previous Conquest scores but also on the strength of Alliances. This should guarantee a better Conquest experience for players.

Skull Bonus Changes

·         In general, if you only fight with one Hero, the Skull Bonus remains the same. But Alliances that fight with more than one Hero will get an additional Skull Bonus. This will be a downside for one-man Armies.

o    If you fight with 2 heroes every battle you do will get a skull bonus of +50%.

o    If you fight with 3 heroes or more every battle you do will get a skull bonus of +100%.

Other features:

·         Conquest Tier Promotion/Demotion Screen

o    We introduce a Conquest Tier Promotion and Demotion Screen. You can now see which alliances will be promoted or demoted and where your Alliance ranks.

  • Flashing Stronghold button (on Conquest Map) when resources can be sent
  • Notification Badge on Stronghold Button when Stronghold Building Upgrade is finished
  • Conquest Stronghold: Design: allow Soldiers & Sergeants to collect Alliance building upgrades
  • Supreme Victory: “Skulls needed” display bigger for better readability

Bugfixes :

    • Same spell twice in Pro-League (If the issue still occurs, it is only a display bug, but will be correctly displayed in battle).
    • Fixed a display bug for several auras (Heal Aura, Sonic Blast, Fire, Poison)
    • Conquest Map: Troops can’t be assigned from towers to players when no troops are available in Stronghold

Balancing Changes:

  • Reduced Conquest Time:A lot of values were scaled (increased or decreased to reflect the reduction in days from 8 to 5)
    • Tower Stone Costs (63%)
    • Tower Building Duration (63%)
    • Production Rates of Special Tiles on Conquest Map (158%)
    • HeroPower Travel Costs (63%)
    • HeroPower Baseattack Costs (63%) (16, instead of 25)
    • Travel Cooldowns Soldiers, Builders Heroes (63%)
  • We have reduced the stone and wisdom costs for most of the tiers even further.
  • Visibility Range for Towers was increased (4,4,5,6 instead of 2,3,4,5)

 If you want to discuss this news with us, you can do so below.



Quite a short changelog when you compare it to the first changelog for v4.3 that was posted ?

Inb4 a flood of incoming raging comments about the “real” value of aura hehe

Ohh yea, it’s the calm before the storm, I am sure that will be the hot topic about the values of the Auras…

what have you done with heal ring??? healing went from 3.8k per second to 760? Seriously?

You’ve been duped ?
Me too ?

It was visual bug! Now you can see real value! ?

If it’s the real value, it’s fine with me.

When displaying 3580 (version 4.2-) while actual heal value is 716 (Factor 5 lower), then better correct that display value, good change. 

I have a question about promotion/demotion tier. How must we read that and where is it displayed? 

Is promotion/demotion still depending on conquest score or are now other rules active?  For example number one of the conquest promotes and the number(s) 4 demotes?

Can this option be described in a little bit more detail? It would be appreciated.

Also to verify the skull bonus

Raiding with:

  • 1 player -> 50% bonus
  • 2 players -> +50% bonus (makes 100% bonus)
  • 3+ players  -> +100% bonus (makes 150% bonus and not 200%)

This makes it interesting to join fights, before actually starting to raid, it makes it interesting.

Seeing that the real heal value is in fact 5 times lower than what we thought…

Feels quite underwhelming  :slightly_frowning_face:

This is part of the coming scheme to sell everybody an all-powerful vampire ring.

But why did they show us 30 points of healaura per % over years?

Why have lots of players felt that healaura has been nerfed without announcement?

IIUC, this promotion/demotion screen gives you feedback during conquest about how your current conquest score will change your tier for next conquest. Without this screen, it was quite difficult to figure out your next conquest tier if you didn’t know your previous (3) conquest scores. Now you’d see the next conquest tier, and can consider to conquest more territory or try to lose some to adjust to the tier you’d like for next conquest.

I just noticed that Bela’s description now shows the infect chance % too


This whole aura case is VERY strange, cunfusing, unclear and once again strange.

Hi there Dena4,

Thanks for the questions.

  • 1 player -> 50% bonus
  • 2 players -> +50% bonus (makes 100% bonus)
  • 3+ players  -> +100% bonus (makes 150% bonus and not 200%)

This summary is correct, but I also do not know where you have the 200% from? It is defo 150% for 3+ players then, correct. If I have communicated something a bit unclear earlier, I am sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

Regarding the Leaderboard.

  • In each tier is leaderboard based on the Conquest score and currently, 20% will be promoted, and 20% will be demoted (the percent numbers for that are subject to change though). And you can find it during the Conquest in the ranking screen.


Thank you Madlen,

It was a bit unclear due to 3+ players getting +100% skull bonus. It depends on the situation you consider. In original situation we have 50% skull bonus in conquest. A second player adds +50%, so 100% skull bonus is obvious.

But when a third player joins, there are two possible scenarios/options. First is +100% to original bonus of 50% (so 50%+50%+50%)  or… +100% is added to the 100% skull bonus since 2 players were already in that war (50%+50%+100%). That’s how I came to that question 150% or 200%.

150% is the answer,  so the bonus of +100% is added to original bonus of 50%?. Or in other words, player number 3 adds an additional 50% to the 100%. It’s fine, I already expected that the answer was 150%, but wanted to be sure.



Maybe we had a display bug for more than a year, maybe they nerfed healaura and don’t tell it to us.

Fact is: Healaura isn’t the overpowered item we had until the Balancing after Version 4.0.

If we had a display bug for more than a year:

Why made Flare us believe that we have an item with up to 4000 healing per second, if we forge enough?

Come on Flare: 

This is a question of TRUST!


so this is why I always feel my pro heal ring is like a immitation from china…?

If it was really 4k heal/s, you would just be invincible !

LoL, so they nerfed heal aura after all (we all noticed)…now they respond that it gives actual values.  Im very very very close to end this game. Give me a next buff FG to release me. Thank you!