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Open letter to the community

Dear Kings and Queens,

Another year has passed and I wanted to take the chance to give you some insights on what we are currently working on, where we want to go with the game and in general just give you an insight.

Firstly, the development team and I would like to thank you all for your support. This year the game will turn 5 years old! This is amazing and we wouldn’t be here without you- the fans- and the love you share for our game with us, as well as your regular support and feedback. A big thank you from us!

But now, let’s directly hop into it.

We have a new version planned for the first quarter of this year. This version will bring a few improvements, for example, we hope to address the problem of players getting stuck in a war in Conquest that they have just won when the enemy attacks them again.

With that version, we also will have a deeper look into the schedule for events again most prominently with the change that the Conquest event will only take place once per month.

To spice things up, we have something exciting coming with this version which will be amongst other things a new feature for Festivals. We will be announcing more details moving forward to the end of January/beginning of February. And I can’t wait for you all to see it! I think you will enjoy this new feature a lot!

I have also heard rumors of a new pro-set coming to the game!

We hope you enjoy the various new battle options Guardians have added to the game. We plan to add new Guardians to the game throughout the year.

In the first quarter of the year, we will also publish a Nemesis buff, on which you can still give feedback on in our forums (planned balancing changes). I want to thank you btw for everyone giving us positive and negative constructive feedback, helping us to improve our game!

Moving forward in the year, we want to aim for a version that concentrates on bug fixes and community requests. We cannot guarantee a certain set of what exactly this will be, but we aim for a version that looks at some longtime bugs that were not a high priority, but nevertheless nasty, some long term quality of life improvements, and some small things we always wanted in the game.

We also want to acknowledge, that whilst the focus of the latest updates was rather on Conquest improvements, Wars and Ninja events are not forgotten. We are always open for your feedback and we will certainly look into more improvements as time and resources allow.

This is a plan which we hope to see happening this year and in the foreseeable future. Of course, things and timing can always change and we, unfortunately, cannot give a 100% guarantee that these things will happen as we have described them now, but we will do our very best to maintain this plan and we are very much looking forward to the future with you.

Your Community Manager on behalf of the Royal Revolt 2 development team

This all sounds epic!! Can’t wait to see this First Quarter. Thanks for hyping us up Madlen!!!

Will this become a disadvantages for weak alliance when facing more strong alliance caused by fail matchmaking in conquest? or not. Let’s see that…

Ultimately the game is repetitive, that is the main limitation. It also favours the people who spend real money on it. The pro-league counters one aspect of this but ultimately you are just attacking progressively stronger castles. If you want to add variety then give people a set amount of gold to build the best base they can, and develop the best attackers/army they can for the money then let every one attack each other. Set a time limit of perhaps 10 days and then off you go.

I know that we (community) sometimes only pay attention to the bad things…

So I wanted to take this moment to say a few words:

I’m just here for 1 year and a half, but I have to say: I never saw a CM taking the time to explain us the roadmap, or the planned features coming in the long term.

I always liked to have an idea of what could be in store next, so I have to say:

A big “Thank you!” on the behalf of the community.

Keep up the wonderful job! :grinning:

If you have no clue what community request then remember to look this :

Request from 4 years now. So you can add a lots of improvement and stuffs for the new version and 5 years 5.0

also you add in the list :

  • Balance with Guardians

  • Balance offense vs Defense

  • Trophy System change

  • Remove the anti camping mechanism

  • A way to give more gold maybe add 5 or 10 new level to taverns. they give finally something awesome

  • Bugs fix

etc… remember to look Bugs section the first 20 pages and look Ideas and Feature the first 20 pages for new idea

enough stuffs to fix and improve until version 6.0 if the game reach it of course


Lol… this is a bit unrealistic^^. Tavern 20 =15k gold/h, +10lvl(i guess +2k per lvl) and on top of that boosted… this would mean you could nearly reach 1M/h just by watching a few adds?!

Right now, you can actually get enough gold from the taverns (with boosts non stop) for a full 1500k daily donation.

Thank you flare. So many good things are in the letter, but I like this more :slight_smile:

What a pity, nothing interesting again next year for a lvl130 player…

so again lots of old members will leave as there will be nothing lwft to achieve (lvl guardians is definitely not a goal in the game, but the obly thing left)

it was said conquest will take agea to achieve everything, most allies haf it within 1-2 months :-(((

Sure would love a way for several kings/queens from my alliance to take on an alliance’s coordinated, super defense. Coordinating multiple kings together would take the game to a new level. 

Happy to hear about the improvements in Q1, though. Thanks for the note!

disappointing conquest is best improvement on the game learning some new tricks when matching against stronger teams in max tiers is good lesson and good rewards to beef up our King. focusing with the rotation of ninja and war is getting stale same old bases and patterns. 

I like improvements. Hope devs add a prompt to triangle map, in Conquest, when matchmaking has only 3 alliances on a map, in the near future. This has happened to us twice now, and it is not fun to do conquest when you are in the middle of the other two alliances. 

I know lol that was a joke. a Level 30 taverns lol. You have notice it. Thanks. Of course with this will be too much easier to have gold. Just sit and collect and upgrades all.

With the level up, the king should look young. Because the king looks very child to see. That means the more level the king will increase, the more looks like a young man.

I agree the king its like a 9 years old child. C’mon its a king. Why not make it look like a 25 years old or 30 years old young man

This is maybe the theme of the games???

Coming up on 18 months playing for me and with all the new stuff/changes/fixes/buffs/nerfs/etc I’m enjoying the game even more now. 

Thanks for the communication it goes a long way in my book. Nice to read this message and TY and your team.



Hello development team !

at first i will wish you all a good beginning in 2019, Health, Luck and Happiness ! :shamrock:

I happy that you hear one of my requests and provide a general roadmap ")

For myself i’m glad to hear that you spend many time is this 5 years old game.

I look really forward to the new stuff that provided soon ?

… ingame are varios bug that are not bad … nice that you now try to fix it :slight_smile:

I believe when we players send you problems, bugs and request, the game will be a better balance and bug free.

A big goal for RR2 , but together we can make it possible.

Thx again, your Jesper


Good to see that there is some planned activity. Every year during a major release we get an additional troop, spell and/or tower.

We also need to upgrade main buildings, towers, troops, spells, obstacles and so on, since 1+ additional upgrade is required to max everything again. Can we expect an additional level to everything also this time? For players who already maxed everything, this is no problem, it’s a matter of 1-2 months to get everything maxed again, it’s just making a good planning, making sure gold is there at moment a worker is available or other stuff can be upgraded. So for the veterans of this game it might be great, we finally have something to do. 

For newcomers however the game is now already too complex, honestly if I never played the game before and decided to play this game, I would be confused by all the complex aspects. Main reason that newcomers quit is that it takes quite a lot of time to make any visible progress and a lot of patience before reaching the top. It will take ages before anything is maxed. It is main reason why many newcomers just give up, it takes ages for them to reach the (sub) top. 

So my question, can we expect additional levels to troops, spells, towers, obstacles and waves? Maybe better is more defensive structures and a longer path.