[Feedback thread for] - Server Maintenance 06.11.18

Good morning all 

we have an improvement on the% of objects , have you noticed?

Since when?

last server update 

the average items value is quite higher

ps : good afternoon 

I haven’t noticed that. It could be possible, or you could have just gotten on a lucky streak. 

Are you talking about the server update (20/09/18) or the server maintenance (06/11/18)?

I don’t think the values would be changed through a  maintenance.

the incidence is higher in the central area. Something is changed. 

otherwise I can not understand why? in these two days I took objects with% greater. that’s why I asked you all!

mine was a question, there was a question mark, if I’m not mistaken?

We are talking of the server mainteinance of 06/11. It was not just Artemus noticing it but several of us. The average values of items definitely increased since that update - not the top values perhaps but the average for sure.

It would not be the first time they make changes without telling. That regardless of what  you  think it can or can’t be done during a manteinance, with all due respect.

Besides, since all the new items values come server side, it’s exactly  what could happen when they do something to the servers.

When one alone thinks values changed it probably is just sheer luck in rolling items. When you start having several people saying the same starting just after an update, chances are it’s not just booze talking.

This is the correct definition for server maintenance :

I know in the past we had server  updates  with omitted changes announcements, but not through standard  maintenances.

Maybe I’m unlucky, as I don’t see any change in the Items average values.

Hopefully Madlen can confirm it tomorrow.

I personally haven’t noticed any difference to values, and no other members of my alliance have seen a difference. I did however not receive a single cursed item during war from all available chests or battle. First time that has happened…maybe luck or lack of? 

Then again I didn’t notice you get two spearman from a single morale point ever soo my attention to detail isn’t great!

no CURSED object, I only said that the central band 14/17 k has become bigger … observing the parameters of each color, and that’s why I asked you … but I’m a neerd … :slight_smile:

I was thinking that values somewhat increased. But interestingly for weak heroes like prometheus, jason and odyseus ?

Hopefully she can confirm. And anyway a raise in values it’s not something anyone would complain about.

I am just puzzled at how you think that since Madlen called it  manteinance  then nothing surely can have changed. We don’t know what they do during them. The answer you linked was from a moderator, not from Morgan or a dev, and he was clearly stating a personal opinion and not any inside info.


I think the standard item values were slightly improved in a server update in early summer. But not in the most recent one we had this past week. 

I asked a question about that in this months questions. 

Just to kinda confirm that numbers are truly random, I’ve been getting some of the lowest values on items I’ve seen at this level over the past few days. 

The correct answer is probably that they haven’t touched the numbers at all. 

Hi Artemus,

We did not do any balancing changes with the last maintenance. It was just a maintenance.

[mirroring official announcement]

Dear Olympians,

We have just performed a necessary server maintenance.

Kind regards,

Olympus Rising team.

_ _ _

If you have feedback for this, let us know below.

I am opening this thread, because I saw in the teasing thread some discussion started regarding the maintenance from last week. I will move the comments here.