[Feedback thread ] for Translation feature - for maxed alliances

Hi guys,

Since we are still beta-testing this feature, I thought it is useful to have an extra thread for it. As said, it is currently only available for maxed Alliances, so their member’s particular feedback is very welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you!

It works great and is very useful.

I was honestly surprised at the translation speed and that it was able to translate from russian to portuguese. I was not expecting that.


But 30 translations per day is a very small cap.

Looking forward to have this feature expanded (much higher cap and more alliances).

Also works good here.

30 per day is a joke. Either translate all or nothing

Not translating from hindi. @Madlen can u list which language are supported by the translator.

Its ok Madlen.

Works good

Thank you very much. :grinning:

Hindi should be supported in theory. Did you maybe already run into the 30 messages limit?

Before quoting I just wanna reassure my self by double checking I got my answer now.

Thing is almost everyone who knows Hindi chats in hindi but their scripts are English not hindi. I think you can understand. So I went and double check with hindi scripts it worked.

Now for us in India the chat system is not helpful as we chat only with English scripts here (language might be hindi english or any other)

The system only translating based on scripts.

Adding screenshots : 

I have sent hindi sentence in its scriptures to double check. Asked someone to copy paste and send it back. Yes it’s working. You can see the blue lines. But problem is none in India chats like that. We chat in hindi but in English scripts. See the orange lines. But it doesn’t do anything upon translation.it remains the same.

Kindly take a note of this. 

Looking forward to your reply :slight_smile:

Okay, I will forward it to the devs. Thank you!

So since we are not in a maxxed alliance we can suffer thru translating why people cannot attack in conquest in 10 languages thru google … woo hoo …yea for maxxed alliances☹

Disappointed that this is only for maxed alliances atm, but hopefully once it’s out of the beta testing stage it’ll be available to us all! Excited for this 

The feature is great although the translation is not always very good. I’m curious what service runs behind it. The bad grammar and sometimes incorrectly used words looks a bit like google translator. We recommend our players to use www.deepl.com instead of Google translator. Maybe Flare should look for alternative translation services? 

Keep it up Flare! With 5.0 you have given us some good improvements!! 

I like the translator. Our guys within the alliance love it as well.

Lol, happy for this to be taken by flare, did post an idea abt the translation a month back, nd here it is being tested, I hope the testing comes out to be a success, so that everyone can benefit from this…

Yes, this is quite a problem, we normally do this, write hindi sentences in english script…

Hope to see the translation for these also, nd for all alliances, not only the top ones

The mandatory three lines needs to be fixed. Makes following a conversation hard on small screens.

It works well and is very useful thank you @Madlen and all the devs 

spero che al più presto la funzionalità di traduzione sia implementata a tutte le alleanze e non solo alle grande alleanze.
troppo comoda

I hope that as soon as possible the translation functionality will be implemented in all alliances and not only in the big alliances.
too comfortable

Why can’t mid level alliances stay away from this feature. You must release a beta version of this feature in selected alliances of every level.

Probably they need to check what the usage of the feature is, and that it doesn’t crash their server when used, hence, giving it a limited release at the beginning.