[Feedback thread for] - version 4.4.2 available now (Windows and Android) - Patch Notes

[Mirroring official announcement]

Dear Players,

We have just released the new version 4.4.2 for Android and Windows. The Apple version still needs to be approved by the App Store and we hope for it to be released by the end of the week.

This version contains bug fixes for the following:

  • Broken Throne Room layout on iPads
  • Item meltdown button available on equipped items leading to crashes
  • Custom eyes broken on android devices
  • Crashes on all platforms when defense yetis are involved

Other feature:

  • Middle Chest Stack added to Guardian Chest Shop

Please note (Known issue): The middle chest stack which was added to the Guardian Chest Shop will only work after a Live Server Update which will be performed today in the afternoon. Please do not use it yet, as for the time being it will give you a game disconnect.

Thank you for your patience and continuous support.

Your Royal Revolt 2 team

_ _ _

If you have feedback, please let us know below.

Info button on Middle chest is not working (Guardian chest)

4.4.2 is available for Windows, just found it in the store.


it didn’t fix the yetis bug. I still can reproduce it on a friendly base with no barricades or blockades. I use a time warp and run through the pathway. it happens every single time.

:slightly_frowning_face: If you have crash reports, please post them in the bug section.

the game still crashes after updated. ?

Hi guys @goodoldzha / @Dumpling

Do you use Windows?

windows, android crashes 20 times((((((

Not exactly what I expected 

I would suggest to just remove that first offer on the Guardian Chest Shop now,
why would anyone ever buy that 500 gems chest and risk wasting all those gems for only pearls and pal food? 

And add 2 more offers to make it 1, 3, 5 and 10 guaranteed Guardians, just like the offers on the Uber Chest Shop

Also, it would be really nice if this change was applied to the Pal Chest Shop too,
because the exact same issue happens there: one offer is cheap but really bad, and the other one is great but really expensive


yes Madlen, I also use Android too, they have same problem. 

I don’t have the middle chest stack. Do I have to manually download this update?

Misleading statement or incorrect odds on the Guardian Chest offer screen. It advertises “Highest Chance for Guardians!” for the last offering, however the advertised odds are the same across all 3 offers, at 15%. 

The word “Chance” ALWAYS  equates to the odds of something random occurring. Also, “Chance” does NOT equal “Guaranteed”.

IF the intent was to keep the odds the same across all offers, then something like “Most Guardians for Your Buck!” would be more appropriate/accurate. Don’t use the word “Chance”.

IF the intent was to increase the odds to something greater than 15%, then “Highest Chance for Guardians!” would be correct.  




Update 4.4.2 didn’t fix anything. First fight after update: crash!

Can also confirm crashing still happens.

yes, I’m on windows. have no logs to post unfortunately

It crashes when zombies and yetis appear at same time or at same square of path

Thanks but no thanks. I stay in 4.4.0 for now. What i read since many day don’t convince me sorry. Anyway my version 4.4.0 work perfectly so I don’t see any reason to pass to 4.4.2. Hope we will have more info same if Madlen is on vacation

I have some questions right now who disturb me a little bit :

1.Why this affect just some person and not all? Not me (yeah I know not me again)

2.Why this crash appear when people use guardians? Not me (yeah I know its sad)

3.Why the majority of problem affect always the others and not me? (Never understand why I have always a stable version)

Never have understand why I am always exclude of the others on this. Can be fun sometime to be in the same boat :slightly_frowning_face:

I try to produce the crash but in veins. No result. Very sad… No clue why

PS : Windows 10 PC version Home

I will continue to search and play a lots to see

I think you are right.

Several team mates are confirming that crashes are happening when defensive yetis and zombies pop up near each other.

The 1 Guardian offer has been replaced by the 3 Guardians offer 

Why not just keep both of the offers available?
2.500 gems is quite a lot. We need a good option for when we are low on gems too

Bring the 1 Guardian offer back!

      crash is tossed two times in succession  trusty lvl3