[Feedback thread for] - Version 4.4.3 available soon + Compensation + Live Server Update

[Mirroring official announcement]

Hey everybody,

we will release a new version 4.4.3 shortly. While Android and Windows should be arriving in the Stores in the course of the evening, the iOS Version still needs to be approved by Apple before we can release it. We’ll update you on its availability in this thread.

This version contains the bugfix for the crash that some of you have been experiencing during raids these last couple of days . The reason for the crash were Defense Zombies, spawned by the Trioxin Tower, that died the at the same time nearby Defense Yetis tried to merge into one big Yeti again. The timing and position had to be right for this bug to occur, which is why not everybody experienced this issue. Thanks to the help of some of our Forum members we were able to track down the problem and hopefully eliminate it once and for all. Since it took us a while (incl. one failed attempt at fixing it with a new client) to get rid of this problem and we are aware that this issue was very frustrating for many of you, we want to compensate all of you as a token of our apology. This compensation needs a Live Server Update to be paid out, which we will perform now. Thanks again for everybody’s help in this matter and a big SORRY for the troubles this annoying problem has caused for many of you. Enjoy the holidays,


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If you have feedback, please let us know below.

Lets hope this one does it.?


edit: 1000 gems to everybody + 2 chests! Well done.

Big THANK U for the present ?

A 1.000 gems compensation right before an Alliance Tower event. NICE!! 

keep thanking, but they did not fixed the crash. Game still crashing when you use donkey as guardian.


guys, you sure that this was related to zombies? I can recreate the problem without killing anything at all, but only running during a time warp. (what you see in the attached video happens every single time)

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The game will keep crashing until it the new version is out (later today).


Notice your offensive Yetis killing the Trioxin’s zombies near the defensive Yetis at 00:21 in the video.

Many thanks, and also generous from you :slight_smile:

yes maybe because it is stil 4.4.2 version even on windows

opengl this is the mistake

no zombies can be there, only a poisoned gargoyle (bella’s doing) is visible there. snake tower is pretty far away, how come?

Maybe it doesn’t matter if it’s a zombie dying or a converted troop.

Thanxs for the good compensation ???

this doesn’t lead to crash after updating to 4.4.3. thanks devs.

let’s keep investigating. we have 2 days before war starts.

me to bend crash for you

Thank you, dankeschön.

good compensation however issue isn’t resolved still dealing with those crash during raids.

thanks for the gems?

Version 4.4.3 has been released on iOS as well, so it should arrive in the App Store very soon.

when it will be on windows?