Feedback thread for: Version 4.4 available now - Royal Guardians // Other improvements and bug fixes + Version 4.4.1

The Royal Guardians “Donkey”, Dragon “Goruc”, Sled “Trusty” and Granny beast blood-relative “Sultan” have finally arrived and they’re here to serve and protect! Learn more about those next level bodyguards with our

10 Facts about Royal Guardians

  • 1.      Each Guardian comes with an individual gameplay effect, activated as soon as the Guardian is called in battle, and a unique special ability, players can trigger by tapping the Guardian button a second time
  • 2.      Equip your Guardian over the “Royal Guardians” menu, which can be reached over the Throne Room and also the Battle Loadout
  • 3.      Your King won’t take any damage for the time he’s protected by a Guardian
  • 4.      The Guardian mode ends when the Guardian’s HP is fully depleted or the Guardian timer has run out
  • 5.      Some Guardians can be called more often than others in battle
  • 6.      Guardians can be found in Guardian Chests, which in turn can be obtained from the corresponding Guardian Chest Shop or won in a Conquest Event
  • 7.      A free Guardian Chest can be collected every day in the Guardian Chest Shop (3x a day, when you’re connected to Facebook)
  • 8.      Upgrade Guardians with Pearls or Pal Treats (depending on the Guardian) and a certain contingent of Guardians of the same type
  • 9.      There are Guardians which are harder to find than others. Pay attention to their rarity color.
  • 10.  The Royal Guardians will be made available once you have reached Hero Level 20.


Check out the individual Tutorial Videos (released throughout the next few weeks) for more specific information about each Guardian’s characteristics and start with the Basic Tutorial today!

Basic Tutorial:


Other Improvements:

  • When using the Pal Flute spell in battle, the transformation from Pal to Beast will now happen instantly, since we removed the delay here
  • The effect of all Pal Spells now matches the Pal’s animation and Cast Bar
  • “Gargoyle Nests” and “Trioxin Towers” will no longer spawn units while they’re stunned
  • Hero Items can now be melted down directly from the Throne Room’s Item Details screen
  • Generals can now see their Soldiers current Energy status in the Tile Player Info Screen, making planning easier for them
  • 2 new Conquest mailbox messages for finished Tech Researches and new Orders
  • A new shortcut button was added to the Conquest War mailbox message
  • When having insufficient resources for researching a Tech, a flashing UI element will now ensure higher awareness


  • Improved legibility of “All Meltslots occupied!” message in Chamber of Fortune
  • Fixed layout issues with “Cancel Order” confirmation pop up
  • Fixed a bug for various Android versions, that made the virtual keyboard unresponsive
  • Fixed a bug that scaled down the battle UI, when being hit by defense beast Archimedes’ stun spell
  • Fixed a bug that applied the battlecry VFX to enemy units
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes created an invisible ruin in player’s defenses, that caused a disconnect when trying to build a path on it
  • Fixed a bug that would play the Pro-Ticket “collect” VFX and sound to be repeatedly played every time the menu was opened
  • Fixed a bug where the amount of players on a Conquest map tile did not match the amount of players in a War if the Tower Guard that left the Alliance has not been not replaced


…also, stay tuned for some truly Wacko Winter Wonders snowing up Royal Revolt 2 throughout the month!

(Please note that, depending on the platform, you might have to wait a little bit before seeing the option to download the update manually.)


If you want to discuss this news with us, please do so below.




I’m going for update. See you

I don’t have new update





It can always take a while until it shows up in the individual stores.

already available on ios ?


2 minutes into the new update and already found a “bug”. The king itself has no collision box with own units, so the king can freely walk in between own units. The donkey, however, cannot move and collides super oddly with own units because the developer obviously made the collision box with the donkey to react with own units.

What is highest tier of guardian rarity? 

Game just randomly disconnected me costing me a ninja battle.

(don’t judge but im doing all the ninja raids at the last minute as usual)
please make sure the servers aren’t affected when the update is released.  Thanks

King stops moving when guardian activated and using touch on w10 (drag around)

tapping around madly for 2-3 secs it frees up but gets jerky and unresponsive.

not calling guardian is fine.


It’s probably the same bug i posted above. The donkey is blocked by your own units, due to the collision box that the developers forget probably. Try summoning your guardian when you’re not surrounded by your own units and see if it makes a difference. If there’s no problem using it when no units are surrounding you, then it’s the same bug.

what is the max level of the guaradian and how many pal foods/pearls by level?



I tried to upgrade the donkey, asking 200 pal treats. Those I definitely have, but I get an error message that I first must collect more guardians of this type. Why only 200 pal treats are displayed in that case and no donkeys that I must donate first?


maybe it is super bad if you build army call donkey and try to head out you just get stuck at start 


We can’t push the beast in the middle of our army when the guardian is activated. LacunaC is right

To totally confuse a simple process?


Tried the raid, Why I expect that a lot will accidentally hit that guardian button next to scream?

And why I am not confused it will cost pearls, pal treats and even guardians of that kind to upgrade a guardian? 

I’m gonna call it first, here and now, then I’m gonna quote myself with this timestamp here to the next player who spent tons of money on royal guardians – The donkey will be the best guardian regardless of how much you spend on getting the rarer ones.

Indeed, but wait… Maybe we get a pro version of that guardian, for 150k crystals?

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