[Feedback thread for] - Version 4.5 available now

This is the feedback thread for version 4.5.

Official announcement:

?Kings & Queens,

We have just released version 4.5!

(Please note that, depending on the platform, you might have to wait a little bit before seeing the option to download the update manually.)

Please watch the video for a short overview and read everything in detail below!


With this update, we introduce the following changes!

1. A new Royal Guardian!

The Mecha Suit (Annihilation Automaton) G-5000

The latest in the Inventor’s technical achievements - the Premium Steel Body Shell, All-Automatic Projectiles and a timeless design. Self-Destruct Mode as standard.

We will release a video to showcase him in his full robotic glory tomorrow! So stay tuned!

2. Festivals! Better is better!

As shown in the video, we introduce the Royal Festivals! These festivals will run once a month. The first Festival will be coming at the end of the month , so look forward to some new skins for your Units and Obstacles!

You can also collect useful Tokens and manage these from your Token inventory accessible from the Throne Room. Look forward to Tokens such as giving you more XP and double Gold in battles, reducing your food costs and upgrade time.

Last but not least, we will offer to buy chests for Festival Currency (Pal, Royal Guardians and Uber Chests). Cheers to that!

3. New Event Cycle

We now push our earlier announced event cycle change live. You can read about it in detail here:


The new Event cycle will be War-Ninja-Conquest-Ninja.

4. New Pro-Item Set (Note: it will become available with the Force Live Server Update tomorrow)

The Sanzu-Set! Bring defeat to your foes and conquer new Kingdoms! This Pro-Set truly stands for triumph over your enemies.

5. Conquest: War Tile block

We introduce a new feature to the Conquest. We have noted that players got blocked on a Tile after winning a War in Conquest. We want to improve the situation by adding the following functionality:

After a War has ended on a Tile every player from the winning team (the losing team will be sent back to the Stronghold as usual) will have time to move from that specific tile without getting attacked. There will be a small clock on the Tile to symbolize that. Once every player moved away from the Tile, the block is gone. There is no War-Block if a Tower was only defended by a Tower Guard since the Tower Guard does not have to be on the Tile physically. Currently, the standard amount of time to go away from the Tile is 180 minutes. Additionally, for every King/Queen that was on the Tile when the War was won, 10 extra minutes will be added.

Example : 3 Players won a War on Tile XYZ

These players cannot be attacked on Tile XYZ for 3 hours + 30 minutes and have that amount of time to leave that Tile.

6. Other Improvements

  • Improved Pal and Guardian Collector Promo Event (Improved Chances to find Pals during the Pal Collector Event)

  • Surplus Royal Guardians will be converted to Pearls/Pal Food for maxed Royal Guardians

  • For every upcoming main number version (such as 4.4, 4.5…) and Live Server Updates we will add a Chest that is being paid out to every player. :slight_smile: Yes, that’s right! Live Server Update? You get a Chest. A new main version (no bug fix). You get a Chest!

Bugfixes** :**

- Fear Aura numbers do not match in Stats Overview Detail Screen

Fixed a bug where when equipping an item with Fear Aura the numbers in the Stats Overview Detail Screen did not match.


- Conquest: Won wars appear again when the tile is in grey fog of War

After a War was won and the player travels far away enough from the tile the War was on so that it is in grey fog of war the War appeared again. Fixed.


- Gaspar Card VFX Layer Issues

The VFX of the cards surrounding Gaspar is no longer showing z-fighting issues.


- Carrot Charge VFX fixed

Fixed a bug, that prevented the sparkle VFX during Donkey’s carrot charge from appearing.


- Conquest: Short freezes on Android while Conquest is running

Fixed a bug that caused short freezes during gameplay for Android users during Conquest.


- Crash in Alliance Chat on iOS with specific alliances

We fixed the problem that was caused by the increased chat message amounts. With the system working now, we also increased the chat messages to 150 (but it will become effective with the Force LSU)


- Alliance Wars: Some mailbox messages do not arrive any more

Fixed a bug that prevented some mailbox messages (such as “Alliance War won” or “Alliance War lost”) from arriving.


- Conquest: No dummy Tower Guard replacement when tower guard leaves alliance

When a Tower gets attacked and during this war, the Tower Guard leaves the Alliance, the Tower Guard player was not properly replaced by a dummy Tower Guard. Fixed.

We are looking forward to your feedback! :slight_smile:

?This looks like a great update, thanks!  We will report if we have explored everything.

A free chest sounds great and the attack protection in the conquest too … I’m so excited. ? :slight_smile:

Awsome! Cant wait to get it!

Are there more unannounced details or there’s not going to be any balance changes in this version? @Madlen (really hope little questions like these have less restrictions by the developers and you are able to answer)

The balancing changes are planned to be in the force update tomorrow and if all goes well with the force update being tomorrow, we will communicate them then. Be patient young Padawan. :slight_smile: :grinning:

windows phone store will get the update ? 

Great update! I liked everything about it. 

The new pro set has very good items. 

The new anti-pin in Conquest is going to have a massive impact on Conquest. It was a much needed improvement and I’m looking forward to play with it. 

The update is not available yet in Windows store. 

Can’t wait to download it, the invention looks great and funny to play, but i am mostly surised by the skins this will add some unique touch to the game well done!

what about the dungeon exploit…? is it fixed?

Do you plan also to have a better event scheduler cause it s kind of random lately?


The new pro set is so good, previously I need to mix those old pro sets to get a whole completed set for myself. And… it comes with skull bonus, so no need to forge ring and belt to get it anymore

Nice that we also can buy pal, guardian plus uber chests with festival currency. That will definitely help to improve. The gesture with chest for every upgrade is always welcome. 

Looks promising, my compliments.



Everything here looks really awesome! Love the new guardian, and I do believe that it is a throwback to the main bad guy in Nonstop Chuck Norris, the Robo Cat 5000. The form of the robot is exactly the same. Can’t wait to try out the missiles and everything! The skins and festival tokens look awesome and the Sanzu set is sick! Can’t wait to get that skull boost ring from that set! Great job on this update!

Madlen did say that it will take a while for it to come out on all platforms. I don’t have the update yet either


Looks like a nice update, nice job.


PD. Looking forward to the dragon animation fix in the Facebook canvas too.

not in play store atm … but i can wait a bit  :rolleyes:

tbh alli care about is the new progear and tomorrow’s nemesis buff 

I am very impressed with the additions that keep coming to this game and that you guys are listening to the players and adjusting your product to how we feel.  I can tell you that not all game developers do that.  Keep listening to us and continue to improve your games and we will keep playing!


I am just sad there is no news about a chicken pal. ?
And is it possible to use the Samurai Suit together with the Mecha Suit or does the game crash in this case? ?

But seriously: Pro Suit does not look interesting to me. No new perks or uncommon combinations.
Not sure about the Tokens. More Gold, Bread or XP. Also nothing really new there… And advanced players usually do not need more of that.

But on the plus side, I really like War Tile Blocking ended. Should be more interesting now. Some alliances used that way too much.