[Feedback thread for] - War blessing Update

Dear Olympians,

We will soon remove the excessive Blessings from several Alliances, that were not supposed to have them. We will compensate said Alliances with the an amount of gems based on the amount of Alliance Gold they spent for the prolongings (due to max . gold limits). In addition, we will compensate all Alliances which fought against Alliances that had too many blessings in this season in the course of today.

If you have feedback, please comment below.

What’s the maximum gold limit?

" and for Players who attacked members of those alliances whit undeserved blessing on the map zero compensation?" 

And who have met them before…

Madlen dear, I don’t want to ***** off anyone but … is it REALLY necessary to AGAIN gift gems to who has abused the bugs ?
It was already bad when you did it the first time; some of those with extra blessing now are the same guys that had them weeks ago and that already received the gems!

So gems where given to who had extra blessings; blessings were NOT removed correctly; they get again gems for the second time !?


It’s only when they can’t give them gold, I guess, because the alliance is at max gold. 

The second compensation for privileged ones…this really shows too much care and compassion for real victims.Great job,once again.

Sure but result is that they get compensated twice for having exploited a bug. That’s unreal to me.

I seriously hope i did understand it all wrong.

Sorry Madlen, but my various requests for this problem, have gone to end up in the trash?  The difficulty we had as voltures (for your mistake) with even communication, where are they finished?   -When will you give us a refund? 


 Do I have to repost everything?  

@Madlen The first time you gave out 5K gems, it was the compensation for taking away the illegal blessings, but there are two problems with that: 

  1. The ones who have illegal blessings will be compensated twice!
  2. Oh … wait, the 5K gems were also given to those who DIDN’T have illegal blessings (i.e. Ancient Heroes in Demi-Gods League), by mistake!

In order to give a sense of justice, please give 5K gems to all other alliances who haven’t received the 5K gems in the first wave , then proceed to your current plan of next compensation and bug fix. 

You have to repay the alliance who have undergone this thing and that you have communicated it 

Hey guys,

When removing blessings from Alliances which have spent real money to prolong them, we will compensate those Alliances. We will not simply remove things they have paid for. We will also compensate the Alliances who had to fight against them, as stated in my comment most likely in the course of today.

Madlen I understand that, but what I’d like to point out is that the 5K gems were distributed in a random fashion without anything taken away from those “lucky” alliances. You can proceed to your next compensation and bug fix as you wish, but you need to even out the ground first, i.e. give 5K to all other alliances. You can’t simply fix a mistake while ignoring the other!

Just give another compensation to us all that face such alliance players everyday in wars and maps and go fix those bugs once and for all.

Both times real money was invested it so they will get a compensation yes.

If they spend money twice and there was a bug, so we remove what they have paid with real money for, yes, the developers feel that it is necessary to compensate twice.

_ _ _

Listen, guys, I can understand that this is frustrating, trust me for me as well ?

I will forward the feedback about what you have to say about this of course, but that is all I can say for now.

Thanks for understanding.

 As I said we will also refund the alliances who fought in wars against them.

" search for vasudeva1, do you know him? Well ,is his alliance "


IT Vittoria Alata       


Thanks, we were looking for his alliance name in a different thread but it was mentioned incomplete there.


Okay, I checked with Cpt. Morgan and he says:

This alliance (from vasudeva) was only missing a blessing because they were auto-promoted during the season, when that happens they don’t get the blessing, because they didn’t earn it in the previous season.

So the system is working correctly. We are considering including a change to this in the next version though.