[Feedback thread for] - War blessing Update

What was the first compensation for? If nothing has changed then.

Which compensation will get alliances which had fight again alliances with such a blessings?

I don’t know if they were fully compensated before. The blessings obviously weren’t completely removed. Maybe only partially. Or the bug wasn’t fixed so these alliances were able to continue to extend them.

thats just speculation, though. It would be nice if they were more candid about exactly what happened 

For the first time I see that for the use of bugs, they were compensated, and not banned.

All Alliances which received the previous compensation had at least one blessing, which they had already paid for, severely reduced in length. None were completely turned off during this action.  The level of compensation was so high because, in some cases, the time which had to be removed was, due to a previous bug, incredibly long (in at least one case nearly a year). There was no reason to ban these players, we did not give any in-game indication that what they were doing was wrong. In addition, they had, in many/most cases paid real money for these blessings, and therefore deserved compensation.

Thanks for the info. It’s very sad it took so long to fix this. Glad it’s over. 

And where is a compensation for alliances who had fight with alliances with that blessings? Where is a additional torches for this allisnces?

Or you foget that becouse of this blessings some alliances had win at fights in which they can never win without such a blessings . So make a new war and delete last results from last war or just add torches to such a teams which lost them becouse of this blessings, becouse of fault from developers. Be honest one time.

What meen your words about compensation to such allianse? Write how much gems and how much torches they get.


Great mess !!!

Those who used illegal blessings are rewarded with gems. The others who have suffered are mocked.

I don’t think that this time they were rewarded with gems, but I could be mistaken. Maybe Madlen can correct me if I’m wrong. I think some of the alliances had so much money in the bank (I’m assuming at 999 million gold) and they had war blessings extended out for months, that it was actually impossible to give them back the gold they paid, so they were given that amount in gems.

The last time they were given gems just for the heck of it, which was weird.

When will this refund be made? We at Olympus Brazil have not received anything yet.

@Madlen when are you actually going to cut these undeserved blessings - I’d once again like to point out Red Squadron in the Titan league who won the league the first season after the new format and have had all 3 top blessings (for 1st,2nd, 3rd) despite not returning to the top positions the last 3 seasons! We’ve fought them numerous time in wars, and every day on island maps, really what is the problem here - I pointed this out months ago. Is there a reason that they are given special treatment?  Honestly don’t like commenting here anymore as clearly you take no action to correct advantages/bugs, waste of time.  P.S Bring back Vas


it was already made. Please contact me per private message with the full name of your Alliance (in case Olympus Brazil has more symbols and so on).

We are trying to fix the bugs, but yes, sometimes the fixes won’t work, which is unfortunate :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi Koringa08,

I checked with the devs. This is a different issue, and we did not offer compensation for this. You didn’t get a blessing when you were auto-promoted. This is something which still does not happen and will not change until we have a new version.  Alliances currently do not get compensation for this, because they are given the chance to get much better rewards in a higher league, without having to win the lower one. We acknowledge this as an issue, and we will look into it , but we have not given compensation for Alliances which were auto-promoted.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Hello Philstar, I checked with the developers.

The top 3 Blessings are a special case, so whilst we turned off normal League Blessings manually, it would have been dangerous to do this with the top 3 blessings and could have caused much worse issues. However, Blessings which were running too long were all capped to the end of this Season. Once the Season is over, the Blessings should be assigned correctly, and Red Squadron should have the correct Blessings.

@Madlen Is there any plan to speed up upgrading process from level zero to atleast 100? 

Because i feel the upgrading process is too slow which require a long period of time. Now the situation is to get max level he/she will need more than a year if upgraded with full force with 5 labours, i may be wrong but its truely borring and not good.Most of the time many players leave in between.

I feel to make this game more competitive/interesting you need to speed up the upgrading process atleast to a certain level.

It’s faster than it’s ever been, if that’s any consolation. 

You could just upgrade the very large xp buildings like the hero temple/shrine, ambrosia silo etc, you’ll get to lvl 100 pretty quick, of course your defence will be weak.

The time scales were recalculated with the last update so to reach the old lvl 131, you can do it a lot quicker. Especially also now with power upgrade times cut to 1 third!

I started about 15 months ago, and I’ll be lvl 144 next week. 

Stop illegal blessing to “Red Squadron”! We would like to be treated all the same! Thank you