[Feedback thread for] - Winter Festival starting 29.11.

[mirroring official announcement]


Grab your blanket, sip a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy our upcoming Winter festival starting on the 29th of November at 12:00 UTC. :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

If you have feedback, please leave it below. :slight_smile:


I recorded and edited this video, so all video complaints to me, please  :wink:


No complaints. Because I’m too excited to buy Fritz. My own Fritz.

I hoped for some new items…  :slightly_frowning_face:

Gold nevertheless would be useful to get those lazy workers going.

When we get Yetis as pal? ?

My complain: you’re not narrating the videos anymore. The videos were more fun when you narrated. :grinning:


Other than that, Fritz is an awesome pal and Chuchunya is a great item (that I was still missing).

After war. But this topic has nothing to do with it.

I said as “pal” by look at that you know what I mean right? ?

My bad! I thought you were saying ninjaaa. I appologize for my mistake

It is a nice question as I re-read. But actually fritz is doing its job fine. Fritz is similar to Yetis for ice damage. But yetis die pal dont die.

The title of this tread has a typo a error, needs edit.

Is it considered a complaint? ?

No, a helpful hint! Thank you, corrected!

I have to say, I’m a little disappointed that there are no new items, but it’s always good to have a festival. More medals, gold, XP. Plus, for those who didn’t get Fritz last year, now they have another chance!!

Flare should change rewards to pro items. Uber items are out-of-date already.

100% agree. It creates more of a connection if you ask me. It’s actually a person speaking to you rather than a video with printed words

Thanks your for the video Madlen, i look forward for this Event … are there winter items @pro shop?

it seems that everbody like your Voice ☺️ Maybe next time again with a new Video ?

You guys are sweet. Thank you. Maybe in another video then.

On same days as war…?