[Feedback thread] Live Server Update 10.04.19 - Force to version 5.0


?Kings and Queens,

We have just performed a Live Server Update. These are the changes:

Bug fixes and general changes: 

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the enemy Ninjas in Ninja battles from appearing

  • Reduced the costs to skip the Alliance Donation Cooldown to max 100 Gems

  • Reset Tournament Records for all Leagues

  • Increased amount of Favorites from 10 to 30


Balancing changes:

  • Royal Guardian “Advisor”:

All unique Advisor spells are now slightly more powerful (more damage, longer duration of time-warp, higher moral pool of summoning spell)


  • Conquest Tent (to have a better counter to double boosted Gargoyle towers (War and Conquest boost) that are placed near to the attackers’ tent):

-          Increased base pool of heal beacon by 30% on all boost levels

-          Increased bomb damage per Tent Level: By 5% on all boost levels


  • Goruc:

-          Increased duration from 7 to 9 sec per activation

-          Decreased Devour Ability Duration from 2 to 1.4 sec to match Animation and VFX

-          the Ability can be used twice now per activation instead of once


  • Nidhogg Offense Beast:

-          Attack damage increased on all levels:

-          +6% fire damage on each Level (from 3% to 9%)

-          +4.5 % poison damage on each Level (from 4.5% to 9%)


  • Archimedes Offense Beast:

-          Base Damage increase to 4200 (from 4000)

-          Attack Damage increased on all Levels from 8.5% to 17%


  • Growl Offense Beast:

-          Base Damage increase to 3200 (from 2000)

-          Attack Damage on all Levels from 5% to 7% (same as Howl)


Your Royal Revolt 2- team

Was waiting for a good balance patch, but wow, have never been more disappointed.


So many players commented that offense is overpowered, and come version 5, offense is buffed even more?


Hmmm ok…

Cant agree more with @LacunaCLiterally things that were balanced that doesnt matter. And there were so much feedback  from players about real issues… Again really dissapointing. 

The balance changes here are focused on making some unpopular stuff (Goruc, Niddhog, Archimedes, Growl, etc) more powerful so that more people give them a try.

These are good changes.


Are these all the planned balance changes for v5.0 or are there more to come in the next few days / couple weeks ?

I was hoping for a new boost or a buff to the less popular towers. Arrow Towers, Frost Towers and Bomb Tower need some love.


I’m very glad to see the tent bombs are more powerful and the heal got buffed. Both will be very useful.

Disappointed disappointed disappointed…offence is so much over powered right now…and more pal buffs…no defence buff at all…defence is so bad these days …its next to impossible to defend even if ur troops and towers are forged 60-70 times…cmon…

The only unbalanced thing are the guardians really. They’re a bit too powerful.

If you remove guardians from the equation, defenses are OP again. Everyone was complaining about it before guardians came out.


Btw, fully boosted defenses (arblasters, gargoyle towers, vikings, etc) and highly forged defenses are no joke. If your alliance doesn’t have all those boosts, you can’t blame Flare about it.

If only carrying these boosts is the thing that can save ur base…then there is a mismatch…only a few war boosts or conquest boosts should not decide the defence. If its the only thing then better to remove the elite boosts altogether and let defence decide only on the basis of conquest and war boosts

If you have a defense that is missing key meta boosts (Gargoyle Tower, Vikings, Snake Tower, Gargoyles, Arblasters), you can’t expect it to be impenetrable against a raider that has ALL the best offensive boosts that he could possibly need (Paladins, Archers, Ogres, Wolves, Gargoyles, Monks, Pyros, Frosters and Tent).

It’s just not realistic.


However, if you have all the key defensive boosts and a highly forged defense, you have all the tools to build a good defense and expect a nice amount of daily gems + a great amount of gems during wars/conquest. That’s what happens, we’ve all seen the screenshots.

The beast attack power of 3 beasts was weaker then the PAL … that’s no real balencing more bugfix…Bug Report

This is the community update with a lot of wishes and bugfix…

Maybe in V6 then we get stronger defense or real balancing?

The purpose of balancing is indeed to bring more diversity by making other options more viable.


However, flare only increased the offensive beast damage for 3 useless pals. Who’s going to change from Fritz or Ceres now to Archimedes, nidhogg or growl, now that they have better normal attack in beast mode?


If no one is, then the balancing brought literally nothing new to the table, which is sad because this is an entire new version, and not just a supplemental version to version 4.5.


Anytime a developer touches a meta, there will be lots of noise, because it is meta. By definition, it can only be meta if statistically it has the best success rate by the largest number of players.


Therefore, it takes a lot of confidence for a developer to drop the nerf hammer on a meta, as it affects the statistically largest successful game plan. This applies to every game. In the past, flare did it with toxic cloud, people still use it to this day. They did it with Ceres, paladins, ogre, wolves, people still use it to this day too.


This time though, flare seems to have lost the confidence. Too afraid to receive any backlash perhaps. For this, I am utterly disappointed.

Nationality Issue: Why is that flags of a handful of countries is included in-game? I understand it must be based on majority of the players, but why not just _ add all flags _ and not exclude certain players?

Fully boosted defenses, with every single boosts available, is nothing but a joke now. Before guardian, defense is balanced, not overpowered. Now, the entire ladder ranking is a huge clown car where anyone can defeat anyone. To reach to the top, all you have to do is raid few hours continuously or, like some cheap alliances’ tactic, get others to drop trophies and push you to the top.

You may think fully boosted and well forged defenses are a joke now, but not many players are able to raid as well as you.

Yes, a lot of players like to brag that defenses are super easy… but then we see the screenshots of their attempts at top defenses. Sometimes those screenshots are not pretty. :grinning:


Raiding “a few hours continuously” is not an atractive prospect for most people. Having said that, reaching the top of rankings by raiding for a few hours without losing seems like a well deserved prize to me.


The trophy dumping is a separate issue and I agree that Flare should try to prevent that from happening in some way. IIRC you and others have made some interesting suggestions about it.

We’ve seen Lacunac’s humblebrags before, hopefully the devs aren’t paying any attention to them.

es ist völlig in akzeptabel, dass man auf facabook warten muss, bis man das update bekommt, nur weil man will, dass man sich im facebookstore anmelden muss