[Feedback Thread] Matchmaking

Hey all,

As promised, here is a new official feedback thread for the matchmaking and Trophies changes, including the upcoming changes we have already planned, which should have the following effects:

  • Attacks will be more evenly spread between more players.
  • There will be less of a jump when reaching certain Trophy “thresholds”.
  • There will be a more open Leaderboard, especially between 20k and 200k Trophies, and it should be easier for most people to raise their Trophies.
  • Losing a lot of Trophies will more smoothly and quickly drop you to a point where you receive fewer attacks.
  • There will be more tiers on the Trophy Leaderboard, and therefore the opportunity to gain more Gold per attack.

Note: the comments in the version 6.0.0 feedback thread have not gone unnoticed, this is just to make the thread less convoluted and more focussed on the one subject. Please feel free to open more threads about other subjects.


Can you please provide everyone equal opportunity to grow.

Every day I see same opponents on my battle logs constantly draining me of my hard earned trophies while I see other set of same opponents on my map every day.

For example @skellz @Canuto @Hixy (grimx) appears three four times a day on my map!!!

While I also appear three four times a day on other players map.

Here an example,

Same guy took 30 trophies for free in just six hours while I don’t get the chance to attack this guy for a month. Even I get one chance for what just three trophies​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Another great rule from FG I get 0 trophies for 90% while others get 12 trophies for 88% or 90% against me.:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Here check the screen shots we both players have identical fame points and trophy but I am always at a disadvantage against my closest rivals who are like just one rank behind me

Can you please throw away this nonsensical rule?
If not please remove the Trophy system as it is biased and unfair towards few players but greatly rewards other players.

P.S One more thing this guy and three more players in top 20 Gained 12k trophies in just one month as they were all level 150-151 (hence were not getting attacks at all) while players who are at level 147 like @Esk @Eswat @Levia ,stava , @Shivaravi @Mandydandy and me lost 15k and more trophies in that same period! is this your idea for a war game?.
Some of us got demotivated and left the game mid season while others will leave after this season. If situation does not change soon.

So please stop with your match-fixing.
Enough is enough!!! Make every one worth three trophies or limit the attack frequency players who are receiving endless barrage of attacks or just remove your garbage Trophy system we community do not want such biased system


Make every one worth three trophies
Make every one worth three trophies
Make every one worth three trophies


3 trophies!!! 3 trophies!!! 3 trophies!!!


@CaptainMorgan I have lost faith in FG, I believe that many more of us would be leaving the game soon and I also know that even that won’t stop FG from further tinkering with the game. You very conveniently use the example of lithgow or mark, but forget about the hundreds of players who also play the game. Players who have spent years on the game, and so conveniently forgotten.


I believe there should be a penalty in the trophies that are earned or lost depending on the level of the opponent & not only his trophies. For example I am level 112 with about 7500 trophies, I think that it would be better to earn more when attacking somebody who is level 120 or 130 than someone who is 100 or 110 with exactly the same amount of trophies. One more thing about matchmaking during war season. My alliance ΕΛΛΑΣ/GREECE is now rank 150 (have also reached max 148), our opponents during campaign were rank 51 / 65 / 100, during incursion rank 93, during confrontation rank 74 / 86 & now in duel rank 99. Is it normal that during the whole war season all alliances we faced were of higher rank & with more than 40 levels difference? I believe it would be better if during war season most alliances were in a range of 10 - 20 levels. Thank you for your time.

Gammal and many other players have never been recognized, and most of them have constantly helped in the forum.


The gap gets smaller as you move up to higher leagues. All that rank affects is your gold bonus, though, so don’t worry too much about it.

FWIW, I still seem to have a “cap.” I have only been playing a few months, so my fame is still low (~8K, I think), but I fight hard and a lot, so I am around ~20K trophies.

Every day I fight my way back up above 20K and immediately the game sends me opponents that drop me back below 20K. Then the attacks slow down or stop. Rinse and repeat.

Not sure if that is by design, but I’m assuming so, as the activity is repeatable and predictable.

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Yes this is by design. All veteran players know about this issue.
It is FG design for matchmaking algorithm they don’t want low Ascension level players to hold large amount of trophies.

I have been asking developers constantly about trophy caps per Ascension level but they have remained silent in this matter completely.


But doesn’t it seems to be unfair. All of us lvl 142-145 players have who worked so hard to maintain high resources for forging, high fames to strengthen the messed up defenses have been penalized so badly. I have been trying to cross 20k mark for weeks altogether yet evertime attacks frequency increases and I am pushed below 20k again. Now FG has decided that even for lvl 143 the trophy limits would be 20k. This is when a lvl 131 player is also posting same issue. @CaptainMorgan I am not sure about whom does FG cares? They are not listening to the leaderboard toppers, they are not listening to hundreds of players like us who lost the trophies not in a couple of thousands but in tens of thousands, and they are not listening to even players in lvl 100-135 bracket.
If you don’t want to address the problems highlighted/communicated to you, then stop pretending to do so, and instead of a community forum, just have a link for announcements, that would further save money and efforts for FG.


I would still like to see a level 100 in the top 10


@CaptainMorgan why is FG silent on the issue of restoring the lost trophies for so many players like @Cesareduardo, @HOLYDIVINE, @Shivaravi, @Esk, @Eswat, stava2, etc alongwith me. We have been robbed off of efforts made over many months. I for one would like to know when the trophies would be restored to us. I know its extremely difficult to calculate the number of trophies a player has lost and which should be restored to him/her. But still we want our trophies back, atleast a substantial part of them… and if this can’t be done then please be upfront about it, so that we stop wasting our time and effort.


When will this Oracle season end? We played 1 season. Now this Odyssey is also Oracle. I think next Odyssey will be too. Come on FG!! Please end this, we are bankrupt of Titan items. This whole season was a joke for forging. No items at all. Crystal everywhere :expressionless::expressionless:. Please bring back the old Odyssey and old chest from the next week! Please!! :slightly_smiling_face:


I worked hard (CesarDestruidor), I had a lot of dedication to this game over 3 years of my life, and many unnecessary updates have hurt many players, over the years I have seen many good players give up playing, because of you @CaptainMorgan. After 3 years I couldn’t stand to see my entire dedication being stolen every minute, losing 15 trophies every minute. You need to be fair to all players, return our lost trophies, fix this fight system or delete everyone’s trophies, or make them all worth 3 trophies. @CaptainMorgan please, be fair