[Feedback Thread] Medal Token Functionality

Kings and Queens,

The Medal Token will no longer work in Festival battles, Ninja battles, Tutorial battles, Conquest PVE Tower Guard battles (when the Tower Guard left the Alliance) and Dungeon battles.

(in summary: all Player vs Environment battles).

We want to keep the game consistent since perk items also don’t work in these type of battles.

This change already went live with last week’s Thursday Live Server Update. This was unintended, hence not communicated. It was originally planned for a Live Server Update this week.


Royal regards,

Your Royal Revolt 2 - team

The game starts with a tutorial: beginners cannot even participate at festivals and collect medal tokens.

Yes, they can, if they buy gems and level up.

Seems pretty good. I like that the medal boost only works in PvP.


The medal token (100% boost for 3 days) still seems OP tho.

100% for a couple of hours or 10% for a longer duration would be much more balanced.

Really only OP for top players who can get tons of medals. I think this medal boost just created a much bigger gap between medals that mid level can get and those that the higher players get. Now top players can get close to 3k medals per battle! 


disapointing, real disapointing, if you want to keep the game consistent fix this huge medals gap between low, mid and high players, give all players a chance to grow and enjoy the game, fix the matchmaking too, the frustration among players grow each day more and more, we lost 6 players during the last month, all with more than 2 yrs playing the game…

But Ninja and Conquest battles are limited,
if there’s no exploit to farm medals on those raids, why did you make the token stop working there?  :huh:

My perspective on Medal Token

I consider myself a mid level player who can score 500-600 medals per battle which costs about 151-189 food. I don’t have any boosts like some/many who wanna win the leagues , lack of boosts severely restricts my ability to score more medals (fighting with medal gear is not feasible without boosted troops as I have to rely on spell power a lot and if I equip medal gear I have to sacrifice spell power for medal bonus which is not productive in my case), also I don’t get medal bonus when using matchmaker.

Below are screenshots of some battles after using medal tokens during diamond league, usually I don’t get this much medals, I get about 900 to 1300 medals with medal token active.


  1. Medal Token is active for 3 days, this is perfect , please don’t reduce it, as shown in one of my diamond leagues below I couldn’t have won without the medal token. My usual limit is scoring 80K medals when I have a good amount of RR2 time in a week and if I feel I can win 3rd or 2nd in that league (not every league I have time). The league shown was one of the toughest I played, the players second and third gave me a very hard time. The medal token helped me get first, if the medal token time limit was reduced the results would have been different, I would have placed 4th or lower (considering all of them were from top 1-100 alliances with boosted troops and possible medal gears and matchmaking medal bonus, all of which I lack at the moment).


  1. Medal tokens only for PVP - This is a welcome step, as allowing medal tokens to work on ninja/festival will favor players with high trophy count (which can be maintained only with boosts) as medal tokens can fetch them more medals in ninja/festival battles. (I’m saying because it is not favorable to me in terms of medals because I get lower medals during festivals and I have to spend more time,food and battles for leagues apart from festivals, but a high level player may think otherwise which I can understand).

In almost most diamond leagues there are players from the top 10 -100 alliances (they get about 50% to 25% medal boost from matchmaker), when I have to compete with them the medal token gives me a decent advantage as I invest more time and battles, if the high level players in my league invested the same amount of time as me, even with medal token boost I cant win, so the current active time of 3 days is perfect and medal token for only PVP is good.

I could have made mistakes due to lack of understanding of the medal system, anyways those are my points based on my limited experience. Sorry for mistakes, Thank you.

YES! That is exactly what is wrong with the current 3d 100% medal token: nobody can win without it. It’s not only you, it’s nobody (there are exceptions, ofc).

This token is so massively disruptive (and not at all balanced like the other tokens) that the only way to compete is to use one. It’s easy to understand how that’s not good for the game.

However, if the token was more balanced (100% for an hour? 50% for 2 hours? 10% for 1-2 days? something like that), it would still provide a very good advantage to those using it, but not such a big advantage that prevented non token users to compete.

I can win diamonds leagues without using medals token only if i m not competing against a guy that activates one of course or against some crazy guys ?

I just have the time to raid. usually I can win 500-600 medlas base with my medals (44.4%) and food perk (149 foods per fight)…so i get around 750-1000 medals per fight.

You cant start every league and hope to win it. You have to see the competition and if you see that you can win, go ahead, otherwise, sit back and relax.

Maybe i m just lucky to not play against those crazy guys…

At first when I saw the medals token I was afraid but I think that it did not disrupt too much my own leagues…some friends reported some crazy guys out there… ?


Right now its confusing,  I cant come to a conclusion based on your post. But I do see your argument about medal token player vs medal token player (its like forcing players to use medal tokens). But I think high level players don’t need tokens to win. Imagine if you can get 800-1000 per battle + medal gear + matchmaking = 1500 medals/battle average. In this case there is no need for medal tokens. Its guys like me who don’t have the medal gear+matchmaking (as reasoned in my earlier post) trying to even the playing field trying to benefit from the token. If a player can get 1500/battle they can win guys like me easily even when we are using tokens. You can win me even if I use medal tokens, but you may have to put a bit more battles than what you may usually put. If its between you and some other guy who operates like a machine from the top alliance wouldn’t you think medal token can help you?

Even when I use medal token in a league its not a guarantee I win, reason a high level player who gets 1500 medal in total/battle activates in the last hours the medal token (3000 medals/raid) and farmer token and can win the league in a span of 5-6 hours. (Just a scenario - 10 battles/hour, 3000 medals/battle, 4 hours of play in the last 12 hours = 120,000 medals)

 So I think players without medal token can win as @sellman said he can get 750-1000 medals, definitely he can win me even if I use the medal token, considering he put the same amount of battles. (As you said sellman I never hope to win every league, just try to get the second or third position is good for me :slight_smile: )

100% for an hour (10 battles = 10000 medals in my case), or 10% over three days, will not benefit me for sure, it clearly a short dash which wont take me further, I would never buy medal tokens if that’s the case.

I’ve not considered crazy guys who function as medal earning machines in this equation. I think more input from players may give an overall perspective on whether medal token is good or needs to be changed.

Yes, they can, if they buy gems and level up, as madlen says…hmmm is/was this a free players game? Most feel like a milked cow here

Yes, that is the problem.

And the only (only!) reason that is happening is because the medal token is completely unbalanced.

XP token? 100% for 1h

Gold token? 100% for 12h (something like that)

Farmer token? 80% for 2h

Construction token? 1d

Medal Token? 100% for 3 days


The disparity is pretty obvious. The medal token is broken.

Balancing this token to make it similar to all other tokens would still make this token worth it. However, it would not be a super token anymore… it would just be a very useful token, exactly like the other 4 tokens. And that’s ok.


Of course not because he can also activate a token. The token is not a way to even the playing field between you and a guy that can earn twice as many medals. It doesn’t work like that.


As long as someone competent enough to compete activates a medal token, then everyone else in the league is pretty much forced to activate one as well. No token should be this powerful.


ps: Look at your screenshot above. 160k. That would have been 80k without token and you would win most Diamond Leagues if you always scored that high (before tokens existed). I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2nd and 3rd places are using medal tokens as well.

indeed, if i m not facing a crazy guy, 60k is enough to win a diamond leagues…80k is when I m facing a little crazy in my league…above, I dont compete…if the guy can scores 70-80k, he can activate a medal token and win in the last hour…

It s all about competition and see if you can compete or not…

Token can be useful but, beware,  if you activate it, you must fight for 3d to get the most of it…and most probably for longer cause the 3d span will last on 2 diamond leagues…


Okay I get it now, Medal token vs medal token is taking it back to square one where the math is

Total medal count = (medals per battle + medal bonus from gear + medal bonus from matchmaking) * the no of attacks in 3days

with medal token nothing changes it just doubles the score forcing others who are serious to use the token as well. the end result is the scoring ability determines everything

Total medal count * 2

Scenario 1:  if all of the serious players decide to use the medal token right from the start, the use of medal token is nullified except for the winner, if delayed the use of tokens it can be a disadvantage to the one who uses it later as the player may need to put more effort. (in this scenario tokens are nullified as many players uses them, and the highest total medal count of the players determines everything, the strongest player wins, others lose both the reward and token)

Scenario 2 (this is what I was expecting most leagues): Only one or two players use the tokens and others don’t have or don’t use, this is where the medal tokens can bring an advantage to the token user who puts a lot of battles. ( 3d token duration can be an advantage here )

According to your suggestion of reducing the bonus % or timing will make players spend more tokens for the same league or players not using tokens at all, as it has reduced the advantage considerably. I do agree that what you say may happen in the near future, in order to win leagues one requires tokens. Which I don’t want as I don’t want to rely on tokens for every leagues. No acceptable solution comes to my mind as of now.


Yes I have a similar range 50-70k when I’m invested in the league, but there are times I had to go further to win losing a few hours of sleep though not every league, there are days when I find players getting 30,000+ medals within a few hours and they reach 150,000+ medals in three days, I avoid those leagues.