[Feedback thread]: Roadmap 2019

Official announcement: Royal Revolt 2: Roadmap 2019

:crown: Kings and Queens,
Summer is approaching at a quick pace and today we want to share with you what’s next. After the great feedback we have received for our community version, we don’t want to rest on our laurels but want to continue improving the game and provide exciting contents. Are you wondering what’s on our plan for the rest of the year? Fear not, I am here to help. :rr2blacksmiththumbsup:

This is our roadmap for 2019! As always in game development dates are subject to change, but we will try our best to stick to the schedule.

Thanks for the continued support, discussions, and feedback! :rr2advisornod:
Keep fighting :crossed_swords: ,
Your Royal Revolt 2 - team


Let me guess, we get finally runes. With them you can forge a 4th stat of your own choice. Like speed for archers, range for froster, a stat we now can’t forge. Like frost damage prevention to skull tower or blunt damage prevention to another tower that hasn’t that perk.

Could also be interesting to prohibit usage of a spell/troop or to make terrain type weaken/ strengthen spell or troop.

Sounds interesting, I only hope it’s not a payers feature.


I like that there’s a planned feature to add (hopefully) some form of defense improvement.

On the other hand… I hope that the new features don’t boost our offense even more.

Because our offense is already too OP, we don’t need any more buffs on that front.

Let’s just hope that the “units twist”… Is just giving the Ogres a backflip ability :joy:


How about Guardians Forge??? or Pal Forge??? I am sure we will never get that… haha…

LMAO!!! :joy::joy::joy: That wouls be some serious “unit twist”… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I am very glad that something new about def/off is about to happen. Thank a lot FG.

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i hope the new fight features don’t destroy the game and battles …:roll_eyes:

i also hope we will get soon a teaser of the new features and the Guardians :star_struck:

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By Summer, I hope they meant at the beginning of it, i.e. June, and not the end of it, i.e. September. It’s been far too long since we have new features. Sure, last update on version 5 had some cool quality of life content and a new guardian, but overall it didn’t add anything new to the gameplay that really changed the way we played the game.

For most of us, how we played the game prior to version 5 was exactly the same after version 5. I hope these new features in version 5.1 would change that.

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Some simple stuff would be to change the rewards for wars (they are predictable and boring), add dungeon levels with big rewards, add new quests, bump the individual rewards for playing Conquest (maybe based on movement or energy expended or following orders or whatever), and return weekly events in Wednesdays.

and a simple daily task to do would be great too :slight_smile:


Monday - “Buy 3x Nemesis”


This one must be a quest by its own :crazy_face:

Will we have version 5.3, 5.5 or 6 in winter 2019?

I feel bored … is there already a plan when the innovations and features come?
… In the summer we are already (Routemap 5.1)

Let’s see :wink:

We are aiming for a Mid-summer release :sunny: :tropical_drink:.Just in time to chill in the sun and enjoy some new features :rr2crab:

(As always subject to change :wink: ).


The new version may make the spells and troops button customisable… oohh… cant wait

Just please give us a date… :yum::yum:

and start the race for the implementation of individual rewards, and not a team game

I see the chance for pal in chest next pal event is x4% so how many chest till i get a pal should i expect ?

With 30% to find Hans pal, I would say that at least 3 you should find for each 10 chests. With 138 chests, I expect a lot of pals. So I hope I am able to unlock Hans beast by myself :hatched_chick:

I only hope that saved chests also have increased odds. And that I am not having RSI syndrome symptoms after opening those chests :smirk: .

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