[Feedback thread] Server maintenance 21.05.19

Official announcement: Server Maintenance 21.05.19

:crown: Kings and Queens,
We have performed a server maintenance.

Royal regards,
Your Royal Revolt 2 - team

Was hoping that new balances would be implemented during the maintenance.

Can we expect it before war? Would be nice to know, even roughly, on what’s in the pipeline.

we received also a nice chest…why? what was the problem that some encountered?

I have seen the questions in the other topic but I do not have any additional information I can share about it as of now, unfortunately. But I am assuming it will come rather sooner than later.

it was like a birthday chest…and I got 2 donkeys, one advisor, 2 growl, one bucky and 100 vouchers…

Well if this is normal, I wish we got that every mainenance :slight_smile:

Right, okay, I see. I have just investigated. We did a server maintenance to fix a server problem some users have experienced. This should be fixed now. But since some users may have experienced severe server problems because of that, this chest was paid out.
I have changed the wording of the announcement and scratched the “regular” because it was a necessary maintenance. Sorry for the initial miswording.
This was basically me and my coworker:

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no problem Madlen, it s better this way than the other way around :slight_smile:

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