[Feedback Thread] Server Update - Economy Fixes

Please give any feedback you have to the changed contained in this Server Update:

  • Increased the penalty for not killing the Hero Statue from 5% to 10%.
  • Restored cheaper Gold and Wisdom costs.
  • Reduced Alliance upgrade costs.
  • Reduced Wisdom storage of Library by 2000 to 600,000 instead of 602,000.

No trophy for 90%?
@CaptainMorgan, Please give it back as before😔

Further feedback to this change is certainly welcome. As always we will consider the changes we have made based on statistics and feedback.

well, i lost 8 to someone doing 76% … (battlelog should be ~30min a raid after the server update)
but i received 16gems, so thx to that player (who is 5 levels behind me and has ~20k less trophies than me, just as info).

I’m guessing this will be 10% less VP’s in war for not killing the GK? Just wanted confirmation, but sounds like a reasonable change. I think 90% completion should be +1 trophy unless the attacking player is a lot higher lvl/trophy count.


I like the change a lot, although like Phil said it’s a big penalty for +3 enemies and still kind of a minor annoyance for +15. I’m not sure how you would easily change that, but in a perfect world I’d like to see that reversed.

I guess to clarify:

  • I like how it will work in war.

  • I like how if it’s left this way it would eventually re-arrange the trophy leaderboard to be more representative of players who can beat GKs the most often?

  • I don’t like that it’s going to make it even harder for low trophy players to get out of the low trophy quicksand. I think this is a good change but it’s only part 1 of 2. Part 2 really has to tighten up matchmaking and get players matched more to their ability. It’s way too loose right now.


as already stated in the discussion before the change i am not a fan of the increased penalty.

edit: why you scale everything depending on the raid % except the fame points from oddysey?
edit 2: hey wait… brilliant idea: why not take away every oddy point earned this way? i try to do oddysey the regular way, i would not mind …
edit 3: up to now one long term player with a decent amount of trophy of the alliance i am in is willing to quit the game if it is left the way it is now. i hope he made just a joke out of frustration and disapointment (as i did with edit 2 even if it has a true part). up to now no one else responded to the change.

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I would like to show my disappointment on the ban of zozo … perhaps he exaggerated with words but in fact he is completely right. at 3 days of the war you completely change the rules of the game. All at the expense of less powerful players. then dear @CaptainMorgan write that you do not support the cartel? deleting messages will not keep us quiet. we will make negative reviews on the game on Google explaining everything you are doing if you don’t finish playing your games. Here there are people who spend real money and need more respect for customers!

this change will for sure not fix the trophy leaderbord.
this change is to strengthen strong alliances in war only.

question: how long do you need for a good built GK? and how long do you need in compare for a barrikade or a tower? one suggestion of a player was that the strenght of GK should fade out after 30s to take the imbalance of the path/structures and the GK into account.


I don’t think it will have a dramatic change either way, it’s kind of too weird right now to “fix” (if it’s broken, this isn’t the fix anyways). But it would, over time, start to highlight the players who raid a lot and always kill GKs - I don’t think that’s a bad measure of at least the top of the leaderboard. The bottom is a different story.

I don’t think that’s true either. At least I don’t think that the reason for making this change. I think good teams will start to be defined as the ones who kill GKs more often and have the hardest GKs to kill, which could give an advantage to some teams who may not be top ranked presently.

A really strong gk takes much more time than a barricade or a tower. Maybe 20-30 seconds for a good one?

Good morning, will you lower the values of the statues?

Why would they?

They did pretty substantially last November.

Опять все сделали для топов.

Hello, Gekos!

Please post in English only, or provide an English translation along with any post you make in another languages so that everyone can understand. Thank you!

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hi, I agree with Pejote on the inappropriateness of the ban charged to Zozo, even if a little off the lines he has told the truth. a change in the rules of engagement and approach to individual battles cannot be introduced a few days before the war and the beginning of the season. these new changes will only benefit the strongest players or those who have endless gems to spend at the expense of those who may come to this game. medium-low level players will never reach trophy levels of current top players. top players that in the past have benefited from other “favors” related to the forging of objects that were absolutely out of any rent and that they still maintained, creating an enormous advantage over the other players. and they are always the usual ones to be advantaged at the expense of all the others. but I ask at this point if they have shares of your company to impose similar changes !! I believe that if you do not quickly report the previous rules you will distort future wars and with the consequence of the abandonment of many players tired of seeing a game manipulated in favor of the few. the money is spent by everyone, some more or less, so why take advantage of the usual sneakers that are part of the Russian cartel at the expense of everyone else? garbage bin does not miss an opportunity to pontificate the improvements and changes. but have you ever wondered why? why I tell you: it is he and his friends who suggest them !!
but then why do you not only play among yourself with a limited number so you don’t waste time on others?
dear Captain Morgan you are expecting a millionaire cause for loss of chance, because the discontent that is smoldering among many players tired of these abuses has reached the edge of the glass !!

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That’s a great name. I love it!

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Good eyes! I don’t even have the patience in front of that wall of text without any ponctuation :joy:.


everyone reads what they prefer … then there are those who pretend not to know … maybe it’s just ignorance in not taking cognizance of what is happening

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