[Feedback Thread] Server Update - Important VP Changes

A player would get one extra VP per level difference (on a 1 skull, up to 16 or 18 VP, something like that) vs a same level player attacking the same enemy. So if Player x is level 100 and was worth 1000 VP to Player A (also level 100), he would be worth 1015 to player B (level 85). It was a boost to lower level players who could beat higher level targets. (It was also my idea, natch).

But now it’s kinda reversed. Higher level players are worth the same to lower level players, but lower level players are worth even less to high level players. It’s a disincentive to slum it at the bottom of the alliance list, I guess.

I think it’s a neat change, it mixes things up a little.

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If it’s as you assume, it doesn’t cope with the “more vp for attacking higher players” and at same time “no longer getting more vp staying below max level” … because say you are 147 fighting 150ish, you would get more vp than them fighting you back … so as long as at 14x you are able to kill 150, you’d have no reason to raise to 150 as well. You would actually have an advantage …
I can see how it tries to avoid sharks feeding on trouts, I just don’t understand how the 3 points can fit in the same update.


Higher players are worth more vp, but not even more when attacked by low level players.

i still do not get it and the description still confuses me :sweat_smile:
if you have 3 heroes that can beat lvl150 player with 100% isnt it still better to have a lower level, e.g. lvl140-145 so you can get more points from playing higher levels but you are unattracktive for those higher lvl players as you give lower VP for them (in addition if you have a very good GK)?

i am looking forward how they solve it or what it really means or which changes they have implemented.

edit: or what is a low level player for them? what does it mean w.r.t. the max lvl150 atm? 120? 130? 140?

i have not witnessed that, but i am looking every time now if my heroes are still located on their desired island i want them to be :sweat_smile: before it was easier to check, but now it is (i assume) cheaper to restore their places if i want to.

My heroes are not returning to mount olympus now.
Thank you for this update.


so if a lvl150 player vs a 150lvl can make e.g. 1200VP, a lvl145 vs lvl150 can not get more than, lets assume also 1200*, that which means that a lvl145 vs 145 can only do less VP than 1200 or the VPs are capped at a certain value, 1200 here. in first case that value would be of interest and/or if there is now a cap towards the max VP a lvl150 player can get (in this case the 1200VP).
it has to be something like that s.t. the description can hold. or lvl150 get significantly more bonus VP from chests, but this should not be considered here.

*but still if it would be the equal value a 150 can make it would be better to have a lower lvl then max. bc this lvl150 player can only get less points from you in return. and therefore there is still an incentive to stay below max level, but maybe this isnt addressed now and they just wanted to fix that a lower lvl cant make more VP then max lvl. either by a cap or bc that even fighting the exactly same lvl will also give less VP with decending lvl :man_shrugging:

I read it this way, but we’ll find out. Lower levels have an advantage on defensive VP but it’s an advantage to be higher level overall.


i just wanted to say thx bc you inform us before the change is applied. so we can discuss before what it means and are aware of a change and do not get cought cold.
so even if i say please more clarification here or there, i am still thankful and apprechiate what you do for us. :+1:

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yes and he was only talking about offensive VP
edit: so maybe still no need to lvl up. or maybe yes? i cant wait so see the change :joy:

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agreed! Thanks for the new stuff and the communication, CM

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It still doesn’t cope with the fact that a 150 attacking a 145 will get less points.
So staying at 145 (if you can beat 150) would be an advantage … you keep forgetting that.

Unless they have made a certain range in which you get same VP attacking and defensing … say, for example, range of +/- 5 levels … so a 145 attacking a 140-150 gets the same amounts of VP. A 150 attacking a 150-145 will get same VP. But a 144 attacking a 150 would get the bonus.
If it was something like this, it would in effect making no sense to remain tactically below 150 - as long as the level range in which the VP remain the same is big enough (where big enough means … down to a level that makes it effectively hard to beat you. Like a 140 facing a 150).

Right. High level players who feed off the bottom of the lists in war are probably going to be disappointed in their scoring, but that’s how it should be, right? If you can attack same-level and higher you will not be penalized, if you can’t you’re going to be a drag on your alliance. We really don’t know any of the other specifics yet, though. Maybe it’s going completely back to Alliance Wars 1.0 scoring where players score more VP just for being higher ascension level. That never struck me as particularly logical or egalitarian, though.

Edit: I think when he says “higher level players will be worth more VP” he just means that a level 150, for example, will get a flat boost in the VP that they are worth, to all players. (But there will no longer be bonus vp awarded when a lower AL attacks a higher AL). And on top of that, if you’re attacking players below your level, they’re going to be worth a lot less than they are currently.

Another question … since you put this malus in attacking players of lower level … has the malus for attacking multiple times the same players been removed or is still in place ?
In the longer strikes it can happen that a player unleashes even 30 furies on the enemy alliance. If they don’t have enough suitable targets of level above or around of the player, will it be more worth to doing same/higher level targets multiple times or going down in levels ?

It’s panic trying to organize a war without knowing the rules in advance.

kiss kiss Artemus <3

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I honestly don’t think that they forgot that. It’s a tricky problem.

You want to give incentives to beat the highest level, so attacking lv150 should worth more than attacking a lv145 (for the same player).

Now if you want to equalize an alliance of lv150 only and an alliance of lv145 only, and all players can 100% all players of the other team … it’s doable! But will it be the perfect solution :wink:?

I’ll try with a simple example. The numbers are small but they can be easily scaled up.

Example of VP. The rules:
a. When you attack a player of same level as yours, you earn VP = 2 * your_level.
b. For every higher (or lower) ascension level you attack, you earn 1 more (or less) VP.
A lv150 player who 100% a lv150, he will earn 2x150 = 300 VP.
A lv150 player who 100% a lv145, he will earn 2x150-5 = 295 VP.
A lv145 player who 100% a lv145, he will earn 2x145 = 290 VP.
A lv145 player who 100% a lv150, he will earn 2x145+5 = 295 VP.

That gives incentives to attack higher lv, incentives to level up, and doesn’t penalize an all-lv150 alliance against an all-lv145 alliance. If everybody can 100% everybody then they will earn the same amount of VP. It looks great, doesn’t it?

Except that it creates a new problem: new or low lever players will be much less desirable, even if they are committed and have very good skills. People might rush for level even more than today. And rushing level without really knowing what you are doing is the perfect way to ruin an account.

I can’t think of a “perfect” system. Any idea is welcomed, of course, the dev keeps saying that.


To be honest I am not feeling particulary grateful for those informations …
I am not contesting the update but - here we are not talking of proposed changes. This is supposed to be the description of an update that has already been made and is active right now, that can impact deeply the war system.
As update description, it leaves a lot to be desired. It is confusing, it doesn’t give us numbers to think at, it seems contraditory in some points.
We are used to better update descriptions than this!

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I might disagree here. At the same time, he told us to try it first and then give feedback, so we’re really the ones being too anxious. It’s likely a minor change all things being equal.

it may be a satisfing update explanation to you…. for me, it is NOT …good night!

Ok good night.:zzz:

I recognize that this is a positive change for most players, but I do think it’s a little annoying to have a random hero moved to a random adjacent island when you have your heroes set up on specific resource islands.

Is there a way, maybe in the battle log, to indicate when a hero gets moved? It doesn’t have to show which island they were on, or anything, just be a marker of “hey, Jason isn’t on the island I left him on, go investigate”.