[Feedback Thread] Server Update - More Fixes

Not sure if it has been reported, but V5.4 broke the island select buttons, at least on Android. Haven’t tried desktop yet. They don’t do anything at all now.


Please figure Ajax GK out.
I literally stopped all my forges as i was building ajax GK. The way Ajax is right now i might aswell use prometheus

And what do we get in the end??? Titans who have accumulated rubies will be ahead of everyone again??? Is this justice???


Hello guys I am Zannamaiale in the game. Another big problem of the new version is that when you select an island to attack, the arrows left/right to move from island to island are not working anymore. You press and nothing happen.

How we can get crystal from all the mates that have donated but the info was that the player has donated to the ally 0 crystal?

Thanks for your replay

I look forward to see it.