[Feedback Thread] Server Update - Preparation for version 5.0.0


Greetings Mortals,

We have just updated the game server, here are the details:

  • Prepared the server for version 5.0.0.
  • Zeus and Hades now have a Demolition Bonus.
  • Switched the scheduled position of Duel and Incursion Alliance Wars. Note: There will be no changes to the next War, however,  the final War of this Season will become a Duel War.
  • Alliances in the top 3 Leagues can now win increased Gems at the end of a War Season.
  • The three special War Season Blessings can now be won by the top 3 Alliances of all Leagues. The first Alliance in each League will win all 3, the second Alliance will win 2, the third Alliance will win a single additional Blessing.  Note: this will not be shown on the leaderboard in-game until version 5.0.0 is released, however, the rewards can still be won and will unlock as normal.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Gold rewards would appear too high in the result screens of battles.  Note: We have not decreased the Gold rewards.

More changes coming soon.

Fight well,- Captain Morgan


League of Gods’ 3rd position is now the most wanted spot in the game ?


Just as a clarification (I realised it’s not completely clear from the patch notes): the 3rd place Alliance in each League will only win one of the 3 Blessings. 2nd place = 2 Blessings, 1st place = all 3.

Patch notes edited.


So when we will get the version 5.0.0?

Also is it possible we can get new unique items in this update or next?

P.S. Thanks for increased gem rewards :slight_smile:


It’s exciting to see some more new stuff coming.

How many extra gems now for being in demi-gods league?

EDIT: Nevermind, _ _I see the numbers in game now.


Also, I was hoping that 2 team wars would be scrapped.  They really aren’t terribly exciting and, if anything, we need more teams per war so that more teams are matched against each other per season.


The 2 team wars can be very exciting if you’re matched with a similar strength team. We had a very fun war with Heroes last week that was like that. Unfortunately, it’s sort of a ***** shoot for most teams whether they will get an evenly matched opponent. I’d say in most leagues mismatches one way or the other are common. 

Ive always thought that two 1v1 wars was one too many and I’d love to play a five-or-more alliance war map. 

Edit: I guess it’s a good thing this isn’t a forum about casino games!


Yeah, one 1v1 would probably be ok, but like you say it isn’t often teams are evenly matched.  5 or more war would be awesome.


How about a 12v 12 ring for TL as a last war where anyone can attack anyone, the only island you have is a 3 skull island so you have to chose carefully who you attack either for the torch or just VP’s.


3skulls are not winnable in TL


Tell that to CCCP/GoW/Heroes or Texas and China, they would disagree. It’s not easy but possible due to big difference between top few teams and the rest. Maybe a 2 skull would be more interesting in that scenario.


I am in Texas. Of course it is possible against the weak ones, but in that case it would just be a bashing of the strong ones against the weaks. Absolutely no fun for them.


What if it was the last war of the season and you could directly attack your closest rivals? I think it could be very tactical, but could also be carnage! It probably wont ever happen anyway…


so this means in titan league there are 6 teams having war season blessings (2 with all three, and so on)?


This is the problem of duels, they are not balanced, and for both the strong and the weak, it is boring.


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  When there is more equipment is more exciting, and that’s what it is, there are always rivals of your own power and it becomes much more enjoyable.