[Feedback Thread] Version 5.0.0


Greetings Mortals,

This is the official feedback thread for the new version, I will be merging the unofficial thread.

Version 5.0.0 - F-e-e-d-b-a-c-k

Hi guys, I could not wait to speak up about the new update.

Though good intentions, and fixed a lot of bugs, I have to say the biggest buzz is the GK nerf. I am not going to nag and whine about it, so I will just give facts: The nerf is huge and unfortunately, making the game (raids) too easy. I will let time show, but my only concern is that even the people that wanted this, will get bored and quit. GK are now dropping like flies, there is no point to build up heroes, as the majority of bases can be taken down, with a lot time to spare. There is no struggle, no rush at the last second, not trying to find a weak spot, a setup or a tactic to win the raid…

In any case, I won’t say more for now, I’ll try to work with what I have, but it is unfortunate that if this was a wrong move, it will be too late to change it back.


I want to know how many new unique items have been added because so far I have seen only two new unique items🤔

Also why gk were nerfed?
I agree with @Archimides about gk nerf was too bad for the game. Defenses are easy to overcome, now anyone with Hercules beating my gk :laughing::sweat_smile::joy:

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Yes, 2 new uniques is pretty sad. Artemis needed another, but there were so many other possibilities for other items. I like the idea of gold/wisdom bonus but seriously doubt I’d ever use the item in its current form.

As far as GK, I still barely get any 100% on my main GK. The people that do are the same ones that were getting it before the new version. That being said, bases are far too easy in general.


Aren’t gems supposed to be the ‘Ultimate’ Equalizer? Why are ~all~ GKs being nerfed because 1% are total badasses (when even those GKs can’t survive Tartarus).

I say this, knowing full well I’m nowhere near that level of badassedness - but that’s why I’m drinking my ambrosia daily. I’ve been playing to become one of those insurmountable Olympuses!

Credit where credit is due … when I’m coming down to seconds of breaking through someone’s gate … because it took me 20-30s to get through their GK …Yes, I’ll admit … I may be exclaiming many profanities and colorful metaphors; initially it may sound like I don’t enjoy this game, but actually it’s quite the opposite.


Though to play devil’s advocate - one feature we have yet to see are the new temporary war enhancements. By the sounds of it, organized & capable alliances have the potential to layer these - perhaps jazzing up our defenses.

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Hi guys. I’d like to express my thoughts about the change made to the GK. To put things in perspective: I am nowhere near being able to beat all GKs even after the update, and I only had a half-decent Ajax GK before the update.

There’s one positive thing/good intention with the change: making other shield bearers relevant has GK. However, instead of nerfing just Perseus (why didn’t just change his bonus?), the nerf applies to all GK builds!

There were complains about some GKs being too strong. But what makes a strong GK? Two things:

  1. “Immortality”: high DR/Resistances, high LoH and AS. These builds are hard work, not only forging but also Odyssey (masteries with high fames). I value and respect hard work so I personally never complained about this aspect.
  2. Hit like a truck: most of those use the AD + DR bug. Do 2 lazy AD refines then you’re good to go!

An extremely hard GK is the one who possesses both the aspects above. Immortal only or hard hitting only GKs are relatively easy to take down. Most of the complains were about the both immortal and hard hitting GKs, with the AD + DR bug pointed out in countless occasions.

Instead of fixing the true bug, you opted for fixing something that had always worked as intended, i.e. not a bug. Everybody’s hard work is nerfed. I’d like to suggest a reconsideration of this matter. The fixes of Frenzy bug and FB+Demo bug were welcomed. Shouldn’t it the time to fixe one of the most well-known bug of the game?


Can we get the full changelogs for the console and two server updates? I’m particularly interested if any changes were made to resource generation/collection. Thanks!


Are we going to get a new hero or brother as captain said?
I am still waiting for news on changes made in server updates and also we didn’t saw any special event for OR birthday, which is very sad :frowning:


We got the celebration chest over the weekend. Happy birthday OR.


All changes included in updates while the forum was down, were included in the patch notes I released beforehand:

That includes both server and client updates. I will shortly post the changes included in the server update today.

Obviously, we also didn’t include the fact that we activated three new Unique Items.


I was hoping to see some new blessings and events. We always get that chest.


Any tutorial regarding War Enhancements?


When you have time, could you check and see if something with resource collection was changed, maybe inadvertently? They seem to accumulate slower than before the update.


So firstly I’d like to say here that the majority of the above posts are from players in the top 50 or even top 30 with ability to progress higher in the game so clearly they have the ability/time/playing time to possibly clear all bases for 100% with any hero. So the majority of forum users are that top 0.1%. Changes being made to difficulty will change the player base into 100-200 elite players and some new players that are none the wiser. Part of this problem has come from invocations which I’ll mention here.
Invocations using gems should give a reasonable advantage for a ‘paying’ player to overcome a more difficult base. However only ‘hydra’ power was revised after the update which made towers/barricades/gate more than double in health at max level. So as a result new players notice no difference and us ‘elites’ don’t use them much so actually that extra little bit of help is normally enough, but the large middle player base are using a feeble pyro invocation for example and barely getting past one barricade (160k damage over 15s!!)
All invocations should be brought in line with new lvls/health.
Following on, I talk often with many middle lvl players (lvls 120-135). Most now cannot clear their base or get to the gate even with their best war heroes. Whilst I agree to the bug fix of FB/demo, I think the tests were carried out by the devs whilst this ‘bug’ was in use, so clearly they set that difficulty. They should now revisit and test because where before I could use well forged heroes (not necessarily refined) with max powers/troops and clear an average lvl 140 base with war blessings whilst still providing a test. After the fix time is always against you. Secondary heroes are now just raiders. Frostbite has been made useless for all but Herc/Prom/Ajax, after all heroes such as Odyseus/Aridane/Helen do such low damage even a multiplier isn’t worth that over the choice of demolition perk.
With the new buffs to islands we will see bases getting increasingly more difficult for the non-pro player.
I am going to suggest again the need for a change to the treb AI to target structures before troops, its basically the only unit that can reach nyx towers but will often target a rogue spearman.
I hate Okeanos power - its ok in a raid to limit damage taken and run for the gate but in normal battles its counter productive as its slowing effect on phoenix which is what it should be used on makes the phoenix rebirth time too long and you end up wasting time when now you can waste no time if you have a tough GK and you need all troops there to help. I think the rebirth time should be standardised and cut by 1s.
I agree with @Marinien regarding the AD bug for Gks, so easy to add and all will do it, along with all resistances at max. Needs to be fixed as makes heroes like Prom impossible unless you have 60% DR to deal with these GK, and even then good luck. I personally haven’t noticed a great nerf like some talk above. Just means that more GK’s are killable by a wider variety of techniques rather then just stun and spawn ranged units, maybe one day melee units will be an option. As we’ve said the GK is the last line of defence not the main one. But while I’m not against the att speed/LoH factor I definitely would’ve preferred a reduction in max DR fro 63% to 50% to at least take away the bizarre logic that the more you attack the GK the more you kill yourself…
Battle reports I’ve seen recently don’t point to it being easy at all, actually the reverse, and my base isn’t buffed highly from Oddessy.
Looking forward to the war and to see how the island buffs will work


GK I couldn’t kill before the update I still can’t kill now. Their LoH (or LpS now) are still high enough to allow them to survive long enough to kill the army thanks to the real bug. However, for half-decent GK like mine, the nerf is for real. Before the update I barely had enough LoH to keep him survive long enough to kill the troops. After the update anyone’s Cadmus can smash him inside the Chaos Gate in 20 seconds. Couldn’t believe in my eyes when seeing the video …

If you trust the dev on “reflected damage is non elemental and therefore can’t be resisted” then your logic stands. However, let me tell you this: carefully build scenarios then test it out, you might be surprised … :wink:

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I agree with this, again your/my issue is the ‘fame’ factor for LoH % mastery. The % raises considerably and will only get higher as new fame lvls are reached. I have no real problem with GK’s being very tough, but when you arrive with a massive max’d lvl army GK’s shouldn’t cut them down in 2-3 swings.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself…long live Vasudeva1 the Great!!!


High-level players usually write on this forum, some of them regularly. Their suggestions and their analyzes are valid and interesting, but too often shortsighted. They obviously tend to take care of their interests and I find this normal. But you developers should look more to new players and those that are growing. Mine is a polite suggestion. Giving 8000 gems to the top league players what do you get? Those players don’t need it. The gems make them with their powerful defenses and the powerful blessings they enjoy. The choice to give rain gems is wrong! That’s enough. Tighten the belt. Encourage the growth of new players. If they get excited they will support the game. Otherwise Dumpster, Archimides, Philstar, me and … Vasudeva will stay to play :wink:


Time will take care of this game.

C u in war guys.