Feedback thread: Version 5.01 (for Android only) released

:crown: Kings and Queens,
We have just released a new version FOR ANDROID users only that should address some issues on Android.


  • Fix for (rainbow-like) graphical errors
  • Fixed a camera issue on the Pro-League and Ninja Event map
  • Potential Fix for units stuck outside of the path

Let us know in the feedback thread that we will open in a minute if it has improved the issues.
Good luck in your battles! :crossed_swords:

Your Royal Revolt 2 - team

Official announcement thread:


Thanks for fixing that specific bug having graphical error. It was impossible to play.

Now I am happy.

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I Miss the Rainbow somehow :disappointed_relieved:

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umn… After this new update, I stopped getting ads… Why is that?.. Ads were so very useful in minimising upgrade time, but now no advertisments… :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: WHY? :sob::sob::sob:

P.S.: thanks for the rainbow fix… it was messing with my mind…

@GrimScythe2001 Can I have your device info, region and account name please?
Thanks! :hugs:

:rainbow: :rainbow:
It reminded me of Super Mario Rainbow Road tbh.

IGN: GrimScythe2001
Device Info: Samsung Galaxy M20
Android Version: 8.1.0 (oreo)
Region: Nepal

It was working completely fine just before the updates… after updates, i rarely get ads, and that too by luck or miracle, if i might say…

Thanks, I will forward it to the dev team.

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Raise your Hand for a rainbow landscape! :raising_hand_man:


with pink unicorns and a pot of Gold ???:joy::joy::joy:

hello Madlen !!! I just had a problem in a festival battle :thinking::thinking: shouldn’t it be fixed?

Hm, no rainbow … gg

Hi AlfreBella,
You have updated to the latest Android version and got this screen? Just making sure. Also please let us know your device and if the battle was the entire time black or only for a short time?

hello Madlen !!! Blackview 7.0 phone use. this has never happened to me before. only after the last update. the battle was darkened for a short time, then returned to normal

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same problem with me

Yes, we thought this was fixed but unfortunately it still occurs :frowning: We have opened a topic in the bug section for every hint that players can give us about it.

Closing this now to not confuse users because this topic if from May. If you have any hints about the black screen/blue screen issue, you can write them here: We need your help! - Blue/Black Screen bug