[Feedback Thread] Version 5.1.0 - Making Mortal Lives Easier

Greetings Olympians,

Version 5.1.0 is now live. Bring on the feedback!

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If you don’t have enough resources to upgrade a power it just displays an arrow that takes you to the library of wisdom.


Which Power are you trying to upgrade, to which level? Or is it occurring with all Powers?

all powers. you also do not see the costs.

edit: i do have 14M gold and 132k wisdom at the moment and it looks like:

Captain, I know you can do better than this :confused: we will continue with this sort of bingo? Can you allow us to see which “random” perk will be added on the refined item?

Thank you, we are currently looking into this issue and will fix it as soon as possible.

No, we are only able to display non-random Perks, as the item is generated after you choose to refine.

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It would have been a great addition though as randomness it’s for real a bingo that has a big cost.

For me it’s all except ariadnes spindle, which is very low level (but I still dont have enough resources to upgrade it)

But then it wouldn’t be random?

And it’s exciting to be random??

This way it teaches people that if you select items with the correct perks it’s not random, but if you don’t its randomized. It’s a good change. How else would they do it? It would display a different random perk each time you tried to refine until you selected the exact one you want? That would be weird, right?

4 different perks, at least the new feature should allow me to see which one will end up there, that would be cool, it would simplify few things.

I have enough resources, but is not available, why?)

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Like in that example, you would want to see that it could be stun or paralyze?

Obviously, I don`t want DR or other “random” perks there, either Stun or Petrify, just saying…

Celestial boosts are the same? I thought the update would fix this?

I agree with CM on this. You would then play around until it says the one you want, or, you would never be able to add that perk on that item. Then you would play around with different refinings to get what you want.

Imagine you have DR or Demo with regeneration. Really high rare perk… you would then just find where you can transfer the good perk and do it… I think it would be too easy.

I totally agree with the change in non-random. Meaning they are 100%

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But it would be a safe refining though, not gambling around :frowning:

I just wanted to say that the virtual joystick works great. I like it a lot. I thought the buttons might be too small on a device with a small screen, but it actually works way better than expected since you can hold it very naturally now. A+ addition!