[Feedback Thread] Version 5.2.0

Please go ahead and post any feedback to Version 5.2.0 here, and remember: please keep the conversation civil!

New Features

  • We’ve added the Playtime Rewards feature, which will reward you simply for spending time in Olympus Rising.
  • We now have a dedicated Hall of Fame for the Odyssey, where everyone can see the top Odyssey players in the world.


  • Heroes are now Unleashed by defeating them on the Island Map; each Hero has their own “base” island, on which the player must defeat the Hero to Unleash them.
  • Heroes at War are now also available to attack on the normal Island Map.
  • Skull values are now shown for all selectable islands on the War Map.
  • Reduced Invocation icon size in battle by 25%.
  • Reduced the length of some Tutorial battles.
  • Added a new step to the initial game tutorial and made some related polishing changes.
  • Added several new loading screen hints.
  • Updated the game to be more compatible with the latest iOS Devices.

Balancing Changes

  • Increased the strength of Health perks on new Hero Items by 40%.
  • Increased the strength of Damage perks on new Hero Items by 17%.
  • Capped the maximum Demolition Chance a Hero can have at 35%.
  • Reduced the Minotaur’s Ice weakness from 150% to 100%.
  • Reduced the amount of Dominance required to unlock some island areas.


  • Fixed that Area Damage values would be added to all reflected damage from the Damage Reflection Perk.
  • Fixed that either Area Damage or normal attack damage would be used when attacking (whichever was highest). Both will now be used.
  • Fixed that Skull values on the War Map could not be seen before starting a Strike.
  • Fixed that VFX may not be displayed when opening Daily Gem chests.
  • Fixed a crash when suspending and resuming on some phones.
  • Fixed a crash when connecting new Google accounts on Android 8.0.
  • Fixed that AR mode was not working correctly on some devices.
  • Further improved Android Stability.

It makes sense for heroes. However, for the GK area damage is always greater or equal to normal damage. Does it mean that the GK will deal normal damage to the main target and greater damage (AD) to other targets within the cone of 110 degree and of distance 2.7 unit length?


The status in 5.2.0 is as follows.

  • For normal Heroes (not GKs), the unit directly hit takes the regular Damage, as well as AD. All units in the AD cone take AD only.
  • For GKs, all units in the AD cone, including the one directly hit, take both AD and Normal damage.

I hope that helps make it clearer.


Is this laying the groundwork for a new war format? Longer maybe?

No, this is also part of the territory changes (we also decided we just didn’t like this mechanic).

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Thank you very much for you quick reply!

I would like to make sure that I understood well: a GK without any additional AD will hit now twice hard?

E.g. A GK with 30K normal damage, without any additional AD his AD is also 30K.
Before the update he dealt 30K damage to all units in the AD cone.
After the update he now deals 30K damage + 30K AD = 60K damage to all units in the AD cone.


Really loving new version , especially new play time bonus feature. Time limit for rewards is kept quite low (only fifteen minutes per reward) which is good(more players will be able to get these rewards)
The concept of hall of fame is also nice.
Area damage bug is gone, i made sone tests and now best Gate keepers are dying really fast like now I am taking only taking 15-20 seconds to kill best gatekeepers.
So in other words gate keepers are now nerfed,can you please increase the health and damage of the towers to compensate for gk nerfs.


It doesn’t seem to do this in practice.


I agree. I think that when CM said “AD of GK” he meant “additional AD of GK”. E.g. if the GK has 30K of normal damage, and an additional 4K AD, then his AD would be 34K. He would deal 34K damage to all units in the AD cone.

Just wanted to make sure :blush:


I have noticed a slight change in my attacking heroes who use AD. It kinda feels like AD was all sorts of messed up before this update, so it’s pretty cool to have it feel more useful on attack!

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This is correct. Only additional AD is added to the regular attack, although we show additional AD + normal damage in the AD section of the info window for GKs. Sorry for the confusing language.

So a GK with 30k in Damage of the info window and 34k in AD of the info window deals 34k to all units in the cone.

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Something which will definitely have changed is that the targets you hit directly now take both AD and normal Damage.


Thank you for raising health and damage perk too :grin:


GKs are very easy after the update. I agree that some kind of a buff somewhere else is needed.

i already tried to get a clarification for this here https://forums.flaregames.com/t/gk-changes-proposed-plans/34940/121
bc it was already announced in the proposed changes, and i thought it might be important and i could have missunderstood it. at least it is answered now after the change is made. thx for adressing it again :+1:

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This is the worst update in the history of the game.
The defense of the best players is dead.

What is the sense of playing if we cannot protect Mount Olympus?


Many of the top alliance GK’s will be massively easier as they were actually built around the known bug, there were many players that used these AD perks. So for them I actually don’t mind them being easier. Once players have adjusted to the fact AD isn’t as uber as it once was, they might try other powerful combos.

Its good that the devs have fixed a known long term bug, but they obviously couldn’t re-balance at the same time. So maybe in a few weeks they will get an idea how easy GK’s are now, and how easy the bases are and make adjustments,


Yeah, that’s like exactly what I said. I tried it out, it nerfed GKs basically as much as I thought it would, and I think defenses should be beefed up to compensate.

They could have, and it sounds like they were originally going to, but they decided to wait and gather feedback. So I’m offering feedback. Defenses should be buffed.


happy anniversary day :+1::cake:

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If defences get buffed then they need to restrict map matchmaking to something more like +/- 5 levels.