[Feedback Thread] Version 5.2.0

I’m glad you got my point and agree to a degree. The real question is hard data of people playing and how. Then we could talk facts. When we don’t have that, we can estimate. But saying that not a lot of people know how to forge properly, is an understatement. I say 10-20% of players know, and with all the double accounts, I am not sure for unique users thats even close.

I know for a fact, that lower level alliances, have no real clue. I’ve visited them and talked to them. I’ve actually gave them my Line account, told them they can ask anything about the game, and they didn’t ask a single question. True story.
The guides have no real exposure, and people are bored to read them… they all want everything on a silver plate. FG, needs to find a way to bring them here or teach them the basics through the game. If they unlocked the chest by making a 4*, get the second chest by dismantling a 4*, get the 3rd chest by upgrading a color and get the 4th chest by using 4x4* on the same color, then we are talking about some directly indicating. Even then, people wont see the forging numbers but it should increase people using and realizing the correct way by comparing.

You said equality never happens, but you didn’t say if you agree or not. The point is if its favoring the top guys or not. If it’s helping the new/inexperienced guys or not.

And as a business, I am telling you, I have not increased my game time due to the rewards, and no one has who already spend more than 1 hour. So in that respect the rewards are bound to mostly affect those with less time in the game (to increase or change their habits). For the rest of us, its just free stuff. My interest is at a stable state the last few months, as I wait to get to 150, then we will see.

If you want people to spend money, take it from someone who never spends money on games, you have to make him interested in the game. Show him how great it can be. I spend money, when I saw the potential, but I had to discover things my self and through friends of the alliance. When the top alliances probably already knew these things.

You said its a brilliant move. I love it, it’s brilliant, I agree, more gems for other things that I never had before the real choice (effectively). But from a business point? I don’t see it as brilliant… unless I see data which proves me wrong to specific points about the new/inexperienced players (time spend, how they use the rewards, changes affected by this system, spending affected by this change). I am not arguing for veterans/top players, I don’t care about that or my own game. I hope I made that clear to everyone reading.


The big issue here is that even charitably speaking, it’s been a year since content was added, and it’s not hard to make the argument that it’s been more like 2 years. Content is what makes people spend.

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That’s true, but I am still talking about the new players. My whole argument has always been for new players, since I started talking about it.

Old users or top users, have enough to be free of $ if they want. Ok some buy gem packs or daily (30) deals, thats fine. I would invest to level up faster (not anymore), but the wisdom is too expensive and then I also need to speed up the upgrades, or some or them. The cost is huge. So literally no reason to spend, even with new content for me. Again, not all the same, I am comparing the need, which is why I spent the first year or 6 months and not the last 2-3 years.

But for a new player, he needs gems to develop heroes, buy powers/units slots, buy workers, level up celestial to make the long term usage cheaper at max, possibly use gems for leveling up heroes or other things. You are hooked in the beginning, not the end, usually.

So, taking it back to ambrosia rewards, it helps these players raid more. They don’t know how to optimally spend their ambrosia, gather it (along with gold/wisdom), they don’t know gold is in abundance so no heroes should be parked on gold islands and so on… if you give them more ambrosia, they keep raiding, its more fun, they get addictive. I believe that’s when they spend.

For me the hourly rewards, are specifically for the new players, early level players. If they knew how to forge, its perfect. I don’t raid with my mini account and items aren’t so many (no wars recently). Its perfect when I need a couple of gold items. But it they don’t know how to forge, its like we say in my country “an ungifted gift”. Which means they can’t really use it to full potential. It’s like getting a present which you wont use.

I know a guy who has a budget of about 100$/month. He used to invoc a lot. When I taught him the forge he spent 1000$ in two months.

The forging group chat that I created, about 1 year ago. I gave it a name (of course). When a new member joined I explained about why I chose the name. It, the name, means that once you go down that road you need very good self-controls, or it will consume you and you will end up spending much much more. Simply brilliant move by FG.

Your GK is still easily top 5. True that if we talk about pure potential then Ajax is the best. But to make a GK stronger than yours still needs a lot of investment and, the most important thing, a good plan. My build has been f*ucked up greatly with the LoH nerf, coming out of nowhere. The AD bug removal wasn’t a nerf, imo. I’ve always avoided to build my GK in that direction, reckoning that it’d be fixed one day.

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Was the same, the LoH thing still affects my Gk to the extent that I have several perk slots to use, but not sure if I have the patience now to follow with new gear.

I suppose the forge cycle mechanism opens a portal for lower lvl players (fame/trophy/etc) to beat easily the top players. That’s maybe not such a bad thing, keeps them keen. Downside is that good players also use it and simply doesnt provide much of a challenge anymore. Balance is now non-existant at the top.

To my experience, when the celestial boost runs out, the 2 GODS were not returned to the base. Now, this seems to be the case, but I guess as the heroes are also not returned to base you would say it makes sense. Celestial boost run out, and the 2 GODS just changed island position.

They seem to be gathering resources, but you can’t move them. Why should I pay 300-400 gems just so I can move them ? This part of the change doesn’t make sense: everytime I run out of celestial, I need to pay to move them or re-start celestial, it’s like the game is forcing me. I think the GODS a) should never change island, b) should return to base if Celestial ends.

I don’t know if this is a bug or not, in both cases mentioned. @CaptainMorgan

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