[Feedback Thread] Version 5.2.0

i have the same also on ipad. same as you decribed. there is an info, i look, nothing new. the info is gone but reapears shortly after.

tendrian que mejorar los articulos unicos porque subi de nivel, obtuve un articulo unico y era inferior al que ya tenia forjado con nivel menor, por lo tanto no dan ganas de equiparlos, quedan un poco obsoletos la mayoria, estaria bueno que mejoren los niveles de esos articulos ya que al ser especiales y raros y muy dificiles de encontrar es una pena no usarlos. o que al forjarlos no le bajen tanto los atributos especiales. sino pierden esa cualidad unica

@CaptainMorgan today I was checking the stats of my heroes and I noticed changes in the bonuses of Hades and Zeus.
Is it true that you have secretly buffed them?
Thier new bonus values are off the chart :heart_eyes:
Thanks for making them useful again.


My guess is that they also took advantage of the ascension system, but they are automatically at the transcended state :smiley:

Thank you for pointing this out! They are relevant again, Hades for sure! (I know that you prefer Zeus. We are like brothers, but I am the evil side :smiling_imp:).

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