[Feedback Thread] Version 5.3.3

True true, I think that we agreed more often that not :smile:. I also think that wars in TL have become interesting again. At least I can finally enjoy them.

I am not sure I understand this. Do you mean the torch indicator and how GoW only won 1 island from ToH?

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Honestly, the iOS war problems are the most frustrating aspect. I have found that closing all background apps and restarting the system helps, but it must be done after each attack I launch. I agree that the bug fixes need to be prioritized heavily… the battle logging is also frustrating to me. I was hoping they’d address these issues before the weekend too, but I guess the problems are more than anticipated.


I (personally) need MORE intense graphic experience and more dedicated game built in settings for various phones including my “phone of the year”. If you think of any game evolution in the coming years you can count on my suggested plans. If not… then I can tell you right now have a GOOGLE PAY problem

Which one is true? Because I need a package. And I know my money left in Google pay account are around 5 bucks.

Basically less interference from multiple alliances, or at least give the means to defend when faced by multiple alliances at the same time. Again needs RR2 based fury system. More alliances attack you, more fury you have, it’s quite simple. That would make the war system fun and actually make alliances get better to challenge the better ones. At the moment, corners are being cut with these agreements behind closed doors, a massively inferior alliance can affect the outcome in some wars drastically altering the league table. Such instances should be minimised IMO.

CM mentioned that it’s on the table, and at worst they will bring the old fury system back. Changes are on the way, anyway!

You’re still talking about the past. Look at what’s happening this season. But don’t take the credit for you hein :stuck_out_tongue:. It happened because of many different other reasons.

I’m not sure if you want this here or a different subject/topic. But its the first time I am gonna report such a huge problem and it is concerning… alarming.

Yesterday I had 4 freezes in less than 30 minutes. I had two today. All 6 of then only in the war menu/pages. I haven’t used too many furies today, but I am about too… I am positive I will get the freezes. So it would make it directly related with war.

2 of yesterdays freezes, where right before I attacked. When I logged back on, I had won 0% VP and fury was lost. Which means it registered my attack and then it froze and “kicked me out”. Otherwise it would not waste my fury.

This is the first time this has happened to me since the game started 3-4 years ago. Ive heard and read reports about these freezes since the beginning of the war season, I didn’t experience it the first 2 wars, but its obvious now.

Im concerned that we constantly get bugs after new releases. This should not be happening. I’ve begged to give us a testing ground, people would do it for free, feedback can be valuable. Find a way, this is just not good, and I dont blame for complaining (I just disagree with the way they do it).


If your using iOS, it helps to close all background apps and restart your phone after each attack or at least every three attacks.

and if you are on Huawei P30 Pro nothing freezes and you will want some more graphics

Freezing is frequently associated with BAD MAINTENANCE either for system network server software affiliated environment or applications. And it occurs frequently on most bad phones. (definition)

here is me playing two games on same screen…

oder das :smile:

Ive done that. It was my first reaction after 2 consecutive freezes on Friday. It freezed 2 more times after that, which is why its so concerning to me.

Ive am not using so much my second account, so I cant speak of ios/android, but I am using a rather new ipad, with nothing else installed other some drawing programs for kids and youtube. So its not the device.

no is not the device, is the producer… ipad is iOS… you cannot speak about iOS… then you maybe have rooted the ipad and installed another OS (but not Android)… :smile::smile::smile: now leaving these fun behind… this game requires an operating system which works and even when so may still occur bugs… and this is mostly explained by the environment (device, assistant OS, producer, preinstalled apps, main hardware stats). Why is the game not rather easy installed, easy played? Because when a new update within this area shows up the team works to update the game… and not long ago the OS had only few MBs nowadays has 500 times more… the team updates are difficult. And the most undesired market is iOS… all in all… Either we speak of trash devices or sick minded producers or we speak of their OS…is all same hard to workout with the team which was starting this. And all complaints are not redirecting you onto reading what is important to know. But into more complaints. You are not in other category toward your phone problems. What you have in hand is what you actually are. And the team barely has time to face the never ending list of OS updates. And this for only a small income. Indeed phone companies are pushing further the industry and some do it like crazy… some do it just crazy… And game developers are behind sometimes far behind the money invested in programming of mobile devices. So I suggest everyone try to buy a good phone or device first, then complain… hey this is the best and your game is not working… what the heck… Officially on iOS built nothing should work unless specially made by iTunes to work… Android is built to make work everything but is pushing to limits everything and sometimes things get stucked on “not enough memory, not good hardware and so on”… Huawei made it possible so Android works without these problems. Others are tweaking Android, but this does more pushing into hardware limits. So Huawei is the best company nowadays. If you want to see your game working… complain less… buy better :smile::smile:

We are looking into options to fix this issue, but it seems most likely to have been caused by the fact that we upgraded OR to be fully compatible with Android 10, which is an x64 OS. It seems the emulators in question only run x86, so it is likely that there will be more problems with more games in the near future, as more devs updated to Android 10. We are still investigating options.

We have found the problem and made a fix which will be deployed in the next version (hopefully in January).

We will also deploy a fix for this with the next version.

And this.

None of the above mentioned issues were caused by this. However, we will be including a feature in the next version, whereby you can override the preselected graphical settings and choose your level of detail manually, if you feel your phone is not able to handle the graphics (or could handle more).


Will this affect battery drain?

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Yes, reducing settings will increase battery life for some phones.


Should we anticipate a fix before war?

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No, it should certainly be available before the start fo the next season, though.


After the lastest update I noticed the same enemy on my island within about 3 hours, not sure how long the cooldown period is, but guy was lvl 135.

it should be between 1h to 24h he said somewhere.