[Feedback Thread] We are moving our forum platform!


Dear community,


Firstly, we want to thank you for contributing to these forums throughout the years. It was great to see all the discussions, the sharing of knowledge and people coming together to talk about our games.


We have important news to share regarding this forum platform.


At the beginning of May, we will move the Royal Revolt 2 and Olympus Rising forums to a new provider and discontinue other discussion categories.


We will put this forum on “Read only” from May 3rd and expect the migration process to take at least a week from May 6th. To stay tuned about our games’ activities, please keep an eye on their respective social media channels (if available).


We have provided a small Q&A below that should give a small insight into the most asked questions we would expect. If you have more questions, that are not answered in the Q&A feel free to leave them in the feedback thread and we will answer them if and as soon as possible.


What happens to all the contents?

We have to be selective about moving the contents to the new forum. We will only move the Olympus Rising and Royal Revolt 2 forum but for those 2 we aim to move them completely.


What happens to my community reputation points and rank?

The new system does not support those kinds of points, but will be replaced by a different system.


What happens to my private messages?

This is still in discussion. Be prepared that they possibly will be deleted.


What happens to my profile?

While we plan on keeping the profile description, your profile picture and header will not be migrated. Be prepared to upload a new profile picture. There is no function for a profile header picture, so this will be lost after migration. Once the migration has been completed and the new forum is live, you will be required to reset your password using its built-it feature.


Steps to retrieve your account from the old forum:

(Only possible once the new forum is live!!)

Please do not create a new account once the new forum is live (given you already have a forum account for this forum.) Use your old forum account.

Step 1: Click on “log in” in the top right of the new forum.

log in.png

  1. In that menu type in your old email address or forum name, then click on the „with Email“ button.

log in 2.png

  1. A menu pops up confirming that an email will be sent to your email address.

log in 3.png

  1. Check your email (and spam) for the mail from the system. Click on the link to access your account.



When will we get further information on the new platform?

We will remind you about the forum switch shortly before. There will be an extensive thread in the new forum which explains the various function and new updates of the new platform.

We hope that you thought this QA was useful. Please leave your questions in the feedback thread.


Stay strong.

- Captain Morgan


The search function targeting subforums using the drop-down menu doesn’t work well with the current software. Hopefully that won’t be a problem with the new platform.

Can we have the name of the new platform, if possible?


thank you for this information. i hope everything will work the way you plan it.

kia kaha


Excited for a new platform but disappointed that all of our stats will disappear. Hopefully we can see all the forum community members here hop over to the new forum and enjoy the classic discussions again :wink:  


We’re not sharing the new platform at the moment, until we are ready to roll out. The new software will allow you both to view all information from a category (including subcategories), as well as to filter by subforum (or multiple subforums), when searching and when viewing.


Will it be an in-app or web-based platform? If it’s web-based, will the CNAME (Canonical Name record) remain the same, i.e. “forums.flaregames.com”?

Edit: Based on the screenshots, I think it will be web-based still.


Thanks CaptainMorgan for the new screenshots.

I think I know the name of the new forum. It’s a modern kind of forum: more social, less technical.

The name contains 4 letters from “CaptainMorgan” and or 5 letters from “Olympus Rising”.

Am I right?  :grinning:


If someone’s clicking on “I forgot my password”, will it be the same result as clicking on “with email”?

Also, based on the screenshots, it looks like it’s gonna be a dark theme…

I’m wondering which one is more suitable… dark or light theme?




It will be a dark theme. I believe it has 6 letters from Olympus Rising :grinning:


Although this is obviously copy-pasted from Madlen’s post in the RR2 forum, we express our gratefulness and heavy-heartedness as a team.

Our voluntary moderators are one of the backbones of this community. We are very grateful for the hard work and passion they put into this forum. However, we have some bad news to share regarding this question.

The new forum comes with some new features; it is more stable and provides a different rights system. The group “Moderators”, for example, is very powerful in the new forum, amongst other things Moderators are able to access personal user data. This is, unfortunately, something which cannot be changed by the system settings, or by us.

We cannot share this data with voluntary moderators (since they have no work contract with us) and therefore this would be a big data privacy concern. It is with a heavy heart that we must tell you that, due to these changes, our awesome volunteers will no longer be moderators in the new forum. Instead, we will have official moderation support from within our team.

 BUT, the new forum gives users the ability to engage with the content and gain more rights automatically the longer users are engage with the forum. 

We will provide more details, once the new forum is live, explaining the main principles (it will be better to explain it and see at the same time :slight_smile: ).

So a big thank you to all of our Moderators throughout the Flaregames forum.


I’m not a player of Olympus Rising, but of Royal Revolt 2, and I can say that the release of Olympus Rising’s version 5 during forum migration it’s really strange.


Where do we apply for a work contract? 5$ a month contract sounds good for me!

That is unfortunate, but I guess for the members, it doesnt change anything. Could be even better, if the new mods play the game.


The new forum is weird but it’s nice to have it back!


weird is the less that we can say…

Let s see how long it will take to like it…ot not :slight_smile:


Changes aren’t welcomed usually… maybe it will be better, I am disoriented. What I 100% didn’t like, is that I was not able to use the word “s-l-o-t”. I wanted to say item s-l-o-t, I tried s-l-0-t, and I eventually ended up with mentioning the ring.

I am not sure how that word is offensive or not allowed. If I search the english language, I am pretty sure I will find a lot of words that deviate from a bad/cursed word by a letter… so in this game where s-l-o-t is essential, I really do hope this wont be often. It doesn’t let you post, it doesn’t highlight the word in question and you have to manually edit it (previous forum, replaced bad words with ***).

@CaptainMorgan please check these settings, or have someone check them, and make sure we can speak easily. Thanks.

Edit: F-e-e-d-b-a-c-k word also not allowed, and I quoted something on a reply and was removed automatically. In long posts, I find it hard to communicate and have a conversation, if I can’t quote a few of the sentences so I can reply… please check that too. Thanks

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Very weird indeed. Hopefully just a matter of familiarity.


Hi Archimides,
I have fixed the one for slot. We had a * on the word filter for a very similiar nasty word.
I have heard the one with the “feedback” problem as well. It doesn’t occur for me but I am investigating.

You can easily quote (except the word is blocked of course) if you mark the text you want to quote and click on the quote button that appears. More useful guides can be found in the #forum-information-and-rules section.

In general, I would kindly ask you though to use the forum #forum-feedback though for the forum feedback. Since I set-up most of the options, I guess it is easier if I am aware as well (because I usually don’t read the Olympus Rising topics so often anymore :wink: )
Thank you!


Let me try that again, “f"e"e"d"b"a"c"k” with quotes. Feedback and feed-bac*k with a dash in the middle.

It can be a general setting, where on “other” forums, “f"e"e"d"b"a"c"k” is only allowed to be used by moderators. Therefore not allowed by members. I used it a topic i opened, and in two posts here. It will also not allow me to post it, if I use 3-4 of - or ". and only if I use ALL of them to separate the letters. Very strange. Hope it helps.

Note, that I had to “Edit” your word, because it was on my post when I quoted you. it would not let me post.

Edit: maybe you are testing, but some of the words did change now, still would not let me however.

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HI thanks for reply.

I quoted a guy, and then it was removed automatically as I said.


I will try to use the forum f-d-b-c-k section, but i thought this topic was also “it”.