[Feedback topic] - 19.09.19 Viking XP gain

Hi guys, this is the feedback topic. You can see the text from the original announcement by expanding the window above!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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A nice QOL change, for those out there still leveling up!

For the record, these were the old XP values:


You guys can also check other XP values on the Wikia, here: https://royal-revolt-2.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_XP_values

At least now it’s rewarding to attack a Viking base while farming XP.

Thanks for the change @Madlen ! :wink:


What does Vikings XP mean and how it affects it ?
Explain Please. !

hero will gain more xp point now by when facing vikings in base,for example as i heard facing boosted mummy base will also reward hero good xp points.

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Each time you kill an enemy unit, it gives some XP.

This XP will all be summed at the end of your battle, showing how much you won in total (e.g.: 500k, 600k, 700k, etc…)

So depending on the units an towers (yes, towers also give XP!) killed, you can get more or less XP, just as I’ve shown on that link above.

As @AnkitJoshi mentioned, Mummy boosted bases are a good way to farm XP, given that when “those” Mummies are killed, they spawn Knights, which will be giving even more XP upon killing them all.

Same applies to a Necromancer base, since it has skeletons besides it.

Hope it helped :wink:


You forgot gargoyle tower with war boost, snake tower with conquest boost and gargoyle with conquest boost.

Yes, you’re right, but it was just an example.

It was not my intention to make this a XP guide.