[Feedback Topic] Birthday Festivity Update


Will there be a new episode 5min@Flaregames for the Royal Revolt 2 birthday? :rr2queen:

There has been no inside keen information from the developers for so long. :rr2villainscream:
I would be very happy about such a thing! :blush: :blush: :blush:


Festival (5 days and I noticed it on Pellez’s YouTube channel) + community week (9 days) = 14 days or 2 week.

Change it back!
These new rewards are junk.
Stupid skins, chests that can be obtained other ways easily.
And tokens that can be gotten along paths in regular combat.


Flare what are you thinking??

You change the Birthday Festival before the end. So if we play the new Festival today are we going to lose those efforts tomorrow if you change it back? A lot of people wait until the end of a Festival before they exchange for prizes. So have they “lost” everything they earned in previous Festival since you ended it without announcement or warning?

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I think need to wait a monday and save the festival coins

Please give the old rewards back!
(Change The Festival Rewards Back!)

Why would you change the Festival purchase items? I was saving up to get gasper and you changed it to skins and tokens!!! What the heck??? No warning!
Please change it back :sob:

Hmm. Do you think that:

is promotion that will start today?
At the beggining i thaught that it would be a truly new kind of event like ninja, CQ etc. but now i am not so sure :thinking:

yeah, nothing really new in that event. It’s ‘only’ all discount events combined into one.
Still pinning all my hope on the ‘massive’ news…

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I like rune event

And this time all discounts are much more deeper

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Information about this event seems to be very strange. First we got some info before in the banner. When event has started some new info was added. If more info will be added during this event it would be very close to CW but without any information about what will happen next. If conditions will stay the same till the end it would mean that BS is something extra?
This way or another first feeling about this event is bad = total desinformation.

I probably will not go to this birthday, worse than a normal day, I Congratulate you on your sixth birthday!!

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