[Feedback topic] Live Server Upate 28.11.2019 Asking users to use the new version + balancing changes

Hi guys,
We have just performed this LSU:

You can use this topic as a feedback topic.



So amazing… I now have 7.5 sec of pal flute activation and what is more amazing is that my CP now uses armageddon thrice in single activation… This is so cool and I would like to extend my gratitude towards RR2 devs… I really hope they don’t see it as OP and nerf again…

Anyways, till anything bad happens, pal flute is like the best spell now (not that it wasn’t before)… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Thanks a lot again… :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Gloves Item Rune: Luck

It is no luck! It is Treasure hunter!


Trophy system also completely changed. When I used matchmaker before the LSU, I was able to find targets giving 30+ trophies with ease. Now I hardly can find a player giving more than 14 trophies, found just one with 22 and one giving 14, rest gives 14-.

Can be coincidence, but when 90%+ of the bases only contains purple defense (including basilisk) I would scratch behind my ears and wonder if this is normal behavior of matchmaking. Similar strong bases we also get during festival, which I doubt that should be the standard. Of course we can dump some trophies to get less strong bases, but when recovery of those trophies now is much harder, that seems not the solution.

I understand this trophy fix is done to fix an exploit, but it also prevents trophy dumping and stripping (read: climbing up again).

When I pick an opponent by player or alliance search, I also get much less trophies. Can this change be explained a little bit more in details?


Its seems it was capped( i mean max amount of trothies)

For me usual trothy raids are same(5-6 caps)

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yeah, i always only get 5-7… so consider yourself lucky if you’re finding 14 and even 22

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The ONLY thing that has changed: The amount of Trophies players can get from Battles will be capped if the disparity between the attack rating and the defense rating of the attacking player are too high. We will still monitor those values the following days and possibly adjust further.

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What about “hidden rating”? Will it ever be explained?
Number of trophies for battle depend not only your current rating.
If you drop trophies or increase too quick, number of trophies per battle drastically differ
According to observations, the hidden rating is the average number of trophies over the past 3 days

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It was capped it seems

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Conquest, It never happens before, something changed at this latest update?
We just experienced a quick defeat, couldn’t believe this happen :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
A war at 1 tile started at 5PM my time. I logged in approx. at 5:20, 9 (including me) vs 13 (enemy), prep my war gear, launch 1x attack, after my raid was just done, system declared we’re defeated. I checked the other players who’re involved at that war, all 6 players were only able to do 1 raid, then war’s over. That war took less than 30 mins.
What the h*ll is that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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