[Feedback topic]: Live Server Update 05.09.19

This is the feedback topic for the announcement above (expand it to see it properly formatted :wink: ). Thanks :slight_smile:

Game keeps crashing when traying to start a raid (matchmaking and favorite) since the maintenance pause (windows 10)

Game crash all the time since the maintenance pause… (windows)

Cant connect to the game. Shows no network when all other apps are connecting to internet properly,
I am on Android
IGN: Mighty Anurag1

Am I the only one still getting this?

Hi guys,
Thanks for reporting, we are looking into this right now. :persevere:

Btw, can i get my bread token back as i’m currently not able to use it to attack…? So it’s just a lost bread token…

Best to contact the customer support to inquire about this. :hugs:

I disconnect when I attack. Android user without the update. Issue started after live server update. Parasite2689

Hi guys,
We have just performed another LSU to address those issues. Is it fixed for you?

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Now i can connect :slight_smile:

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