[Feedback topic] - Live Server Update 08.08.2019

Official announcement: Live Server Update 08.08.2019

:prince::princess:Kings and Queens,
We have just performed a Live Server Update with the following changes:

Patch Notes:

  • Good news :rr2blacksmiththumbsup:, we have reduced the amount of Pearl Upgrades needed to unlock the second Rune slot:
    Items: 30
    Spells, Obstacles, Units: 75

  • With this update, we want to reduce the gem costs for the Blacksmith building boost to be more in accordance with the other production boosts in the game. This will give players a better hour/per gem ratio. To go along with this, the Blacksmith meltdown boost was reduced from 3 to 2 and the gem activation cost from 50 to 30.

  • We have increased the chances to find Hidden Treasures in normal battles. :rr2advisorhappy:

  • Heal Towers should now correctly show if Traps are within the healing range of the tower :rr2advisornod:.

Following some more feedback on the following Pals and Guardians we have made the following changes:

  • Eris rebalance:
    – Eris attacks towers with its lightning attack now
  • :rr2goruc:Goruc rebalance:
    – Increased movement speed to 4,0
    – Cooldown until 1st use per battle=15,00sec
    – Appearances per Battle=2
    – Appearance Duration=17 (34 in total)
    – Has now 3 devours per activation
  • :rr2gaspar:Gaspar rebalance:
    – Increased appearance duration to 25 sec (from 15)
    – Decreased cooldown before first activation to 50s (from 60s)
    – Increased Intimidate and Royal Flush (ability) range to 4 (from3) to match normal attack range

That’s it for today! :rr2crab:
Keep raiding,
Your Royal Revolt 2 - team

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Oi oi oi…

I have to admit there’s some cool things here like:

  • Reduction of forged needed to use the 2nd rune slot
  • Increased chances to find rune treasures in battles

Thanks for those but…

This is a major change!

Let’s get this straight please: Nobody, or at least almost nobody clicks to pay gems for that boost… So we 99% of the times watch an Advertisement for it.

Claiming that you reduced the multiplier of 3x to 2x because of that… Is non-sense! We didn’t ask for that!

What you’re doing is that on the next BS event, people will be able to melt even less pearls for the same time, while being forced to finish forging by spending gems… on EACH ITEM.

Please, take back that change right away.

The demand for pearls keeps increasing and you guys do that? That’s unfair, waaay too unfair…

I just feel like got kicked on the stomach :rage:


OH YEAH!!! That’s fantastic… Thanks a lot…

you are making the game around pearls so we are asking for a way to get more pearls.

What do you do?

You decrease our only way to get pearls.

Hey Flare, can we have a super dupper expensive way to get ONE pearl?..Yeah just ONE…

Maybe you ll give us 10000000 pearls for free this time…


Unfortunately I have to agree with ShadowGuardian that reducing the boost from x3 to x2 reduces the pearl that gets enormously … that’s not nice in time where we need pearls for all extensions. We need soooo much of it…:rr2zombie:

Dear developers, please think again about this decision.:thinking:

The other things done in the server maintenance sound good.


They should increase it back to 3. Pearls? We need them. They are needed in the game like anything. Please change it back as it was.

Can you give us a 100k pearl reward for that. No, so, please do us a favour, get it BACK!

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After runing blacksmith boost info shows: ‘Meltdown time per Pearl: 10.00s’
Before update base time was 8s and 4s after boost as i remember.
I have all 8 slots open

Is it planned or is it a bug? Or am i wrong?

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Its now 20s/Pearl and with boost 10s.

Maybe my understanding of english is not very good but I don’t see anything about it in LSU info

^This is where they’ve described it.

Ok. So before update without boost base value was 20s? I just asking because i don’t remember

I look into the wiki and 20s is the base at all blacksmith slots…

Now the boost do 20s/2= 10s/pearl
before 20s/3= 7s per pearl


I like this nerf. Players should get less pearls so we have to manage it well instead of just forging everything.

I hope flare also reduce Ninja event to once a month and replace it with war so players have even lesser pearls. A multiplayer game that has 50% of its event as a solo game is really really weird (nothing multiplayer about Ninja, everyone just gets full score all the time).

ok … now my question to you:

where do you want to take the whole pearl for Items, Spells, Towers, Guardians and runes?

simple, he does not need cause he s fully perked for years…so the more flare is slowing others, the longer he s stay above the rest…

weird view to see a multiplayer game by keeping everyone below him…he does not want a multiplayer game he just want a game where he s the king of the kings…


Resource management. Don’t forge everything. If you want to, be super active and farm them.

It’s a feedback thread, I’m giving my opinion only. Feel free to disagree. However, I really don’t think the default position where you don’t farm for pearls, but existing events give you enough pearls to forge every single thing you want.


I wonder when can this toxic community give feedback without making personal attacks. Can’t make comments about the subject matter? Got to make them against individuals personally instead?

sorry if i offended you but I could not refrain.

Even being super active, I cannot have enough pearls to forge the basics (def/spells/ skulls gears) and now Flare decide to cut off 30% of the constant pearls earning…and yet you welcome it by saying that everyone will have to choose what to forge…
It s already what we are doing for years.

And you also suggest to have only one ninja per month…what about cutting the income of hans by 50%…so we will have to choose between perking a spike or a bomb tower…

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the game is only fun if you have made a certain number of forges on your level with perl.
Now after the introduction of the new Guardian and the Runes (the per part between 50k -85k) the required amount is very high.

Even the Ninja events do not help to get enough pearls. Maybe you got all +100 and more… then you don’t need pearls and it helps when others are weaker… but I do not want to judge your opinion


Nope this is a misconception. Players at the top use way more pearls. 5k pearls always reserved for skull gear whenever it is available.

We just really need to choose what we want to forge. It’s as simple as that. I’ll give you a few examples.

Why do you want to waste pearls on guardians? You can get info online and ask around. Do you know anyone using the useless Yig Yog or whatever guardian that is? No one even uses gaspar. Not even with the buff that this update brings lol.

Players mostly use the donkey that is still usable after the nerf (for spell focused raids) or Sultan (mostly for unit focused raids).

If you want to simply waste pearls on every new guardian Flare introduces, then well, that’s your choice. THAT, is the very definition of bad resource management.

As to runes, do you need to level up every single rune you see? No. If you have OCD, well, learn how to deal with it. For example, if you are not going to waste any hammerstrike aftershock rune for now, then don’t level it up first. Only when you are close to level 6, which will take years, THEN spend pearls on it. Skip forging a week or two, and you will have the entire thousands and thousands of pearls for that upgrade.

This applies to every other rune that you collect and you do not have plans to use it just yet. Simple as that. Don’t need to spend your pearls on it now.

Also, don’t have to super forge on every single unit you have. Why? Stick to the same 1 or 2 combo setup. I have played this game for about 4 years and my knights are still under 100 forges. I can still use a non-pro boost combo with an under 100 forged knight to fight a 5k + trophy player. That’s enough. I stopped forging knight after it got about 80+ or so because I don’t use them at all unless it’s to prove a point and make videos of it.

Also, check the wiki that is still being maintained now. Why forge something that cannot be forged anymore? For example, stop forging toxic cloud beyond 4 seconds slowdown. You’re not going to get anything from it. Stop forging anything beyond skull tower range 6.85, that’s the maximum. The list goes on.

In other words, it’s all about resource management. Now, pearls are still so abundant that everyone just forge everything regardless of whether it’s useful or not.

BUT, be that as it may, it’s my opinion. I only said a game should have more element of resource management so that it has more depth. Feel free to disagree. It’s literally a feedback topic and I’m merely giving my feedback that I like this update and I hope for the developers to further extend this “depth” in the game by forcing players to manage resources wisely instead of just splurging them.

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